fluke tir125 for sale

Im looking to sell my fluke tir125 it is in mint condition im looking for $2000 or best offer.

Dibs :smiley: message sent.

I just saw this.

Do you still have the camera?


I also have one for sale used twice

How much?

I would like $2000 or $2500 in trade the manuals and everything are still wrapped up in plastic I used it twice not even an hour on it and I paid 5 grand for it

Now if someone does not pick this Fluke Tir125 up they are crazy!
Its a $6,000 dollar unit.
It will put Flir’s E4,5,6 & 8 series to shame.

If I did not have my Ti100 I would snap it up off you right now for a second backup or home inspection unit.
Are Inspectors not seeing what a great resource IR is?

Mr. Nofx what is the story.

I already bought this guys - Just got it yesterday as a matter of fact.

Happy for you Jared.
I purchased a Ti100 before the TiR100 series line was being produced.
Fluke was covering Canada’s suppliers marketing this IR product line and a supplier I had been dealing with filled me in as he started his level one course with ICS I think.

You purchased a good entry level camera.
Recommend. get familiar with the manual span and level adjustments. This is a must! Practice, Practice, Practice…

NOTE: In auto the level and span are separated by 5C or 12 F.
2.5C or 6 F seems acceptable.

NOTE: The FOV is rectangular. 22.5° H x 31° V
Remember that when taking images.

Hold your camera sideways once you have your target. Those wide long images at flooring to wall or wall to ceiling assemble intersections look great at that angle.

Components that run horizontally. HVAC ducts and plumbing line, the same idea applies.
Remember, the FOV is not square like FLIR or Testo.

The Ti100 still has the best IFOV or spectral resolution of that particular series. 2.5 mRad as compared to the others series, Ti/Tir 105, 110, 125 at 3.39 mRad
It is not until you get to the TiR25, TiR27 and TiR29 does the spectral resolution improve. Along with other advancements as well:-)

Look you have a great entry level camera for you business! No joke.
It will definitely ground you in almost every way possible prior you upgrading to another model.

Wishing you all the best.
Recommend: Keep in contact with Jim S. at Infraspection and educate.:smiley:

Could you two men tell us why you are not using your camera’s but selling them please. I know it must be difficult.
I feel very poorly when this happens.

I wish you two astute men only the best

Robert, Thanks for the info - gonna play with this thing for awhile before I actually take on site - Found a neighbors hot water leak under the slab this morning.

If it’s true, that was a heck of a deal. I see them for $5399 everywhere. Congrats!

I can not say enough to homies investing in equipment thinking it will get you work.
All you need are the basics!!!
As you expand you can then reinvest.

It takes 3 years, yes 3 years on average to get your business working.
Do not listen to the hype and pay attention to the facts!
Take your time and you will succeed with InterNACHI!

jwinkler1 please reach out to someone if you wish to continue being a home inspector. Businessmen do not give up.

It’s true - FedEx dropped it off on Monday

Email me privately.
I require a Thermographic partner to study with.

Best regards.