Mint Condition (Fluke TIR $2899)

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Save a ton of cash and get mine for $2899 firm. Even comes with a sun shield. Unit is in perfect condition, works exactly the way its meant to, nothing is missing and its only alittle over a year and half old.

Please email me ( directly for more information. I will be out of town for awhile and won’t be responding much to the message board.

Thank you

Well that didn’t take you long! What’s up?

Curious myself…

I have been on the fence learning IR and purchasing a camera for the last 3 years (or has it been longer)

I purchased one about 7 months ago and rarely use it. I have never taken the thermographer class and do plan to in the next few months but for home inspections it seems time consuming and a waste of money, thus far. just my .02

I want to keep it but could use the money to help family. Been doing HI’s this long without it so I figured I could get another one when the time is right. If you guys know anyone let them know I would appreciate it. Thank you guys.

The reasons I would buy a IR camera are for:

Building Diagnostics (finding specific problems that the client is trying to locate)

Commercial Inspections, seems like a good group of members do this and make really good $$$. (you know who you are)

Energy Audits (Tried to be Resent certified about 2/3 years ago)
With the energy companies offering audits for $50 I would need to hook up with them.

This is why I have waited, because I do none of the above but have aspirations to do all of the above.

After 10 years of Home Inspections I am looking for other avenues.

Billy, selling camera to help a family!! Nice gesture. Keep this up and you will have a nice place in Heaven, me on the other hand (selfish bastard!!) my be burning below or lost in space!!

Sell it on Ebay, Craig’s List or Amazon!!

That about says it all!

In this crappy economic environment I have made more money working at 25% then I have in any year in the past nine years, through the proper utilization of infrared thermal imaging.

I have made more money in one day than most of you have made in a year!

As has been pointed out in the past, purchasing a piece of equipment with Star Trek capabilities does not propel you to the head of the income producing home inspectors.

You never took a class! “Not even the rainbow course!”.

Go out and drive your damn car without a drivers license and expect to arrive at your destination!

Sorry, I’m just extremely pissed off today because a former Navy Seal and CIA operative had to risk his life (against orders and will probably lose life insurance for his family)and lose it because some sorry *** son of a ***** didn’t do his job.

Billy, the next thing you’re going to tell us is that you’re going to vote for Obama!

You didn’t take the proper steps, didn’t obtain the proper education, and don’t have the proper perception to make this technology work for you.

So, a word of caution for anyone considering to buy his camera at such a wonderful discount, you need to invest well beyond the $2800 to purchase the equipment in education to make this Star Trek endeavor succeed!

There’s lots of Billy’s out there. This isn’t a “rainbow dream”. There are some great deals out there too.

I just picked up a short wave imager, dirt cheap!!! You have to be patient and you can get good deals. Just make sure you can return them if they aren’t what they claim to be.