Flush mounted electrical meter

Hi guys, this one was a first for me. I’m hoping someone has more information on this. I came across this underground service and meter panel, the panel was recessed into the masonry veneer and the service entrance cable was hidden, I’m assuming behind the veneer. Also, I didn’t see any type of proper grounding which I am noting in the report separately. Thank you for taking a look at this for me, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Likely that the stone was layed around it.
Did you open the disconnect cover? That should give you an idea if it is grounded, as well in the main panel. Newer construction does not always have a visible exterior ground.
The service entrance is likely in conduit, but not confirmable.
Just report what you see.

What is this?

Is there a question in there somewhere?


Looks like a stick to me.


Its a branch

Good morning Jeffrey. Yes my question was regarding the complete installation of this meter pan as it was buried in the wall. This is the first time anyone at my company has come across an installation like this. Have you seen an install like this before where you live? And would you have anything to say about it?

Looked like a ground wire to me.


Not much to report until you open the cover. In general service entrance conductors need to be on the outside of the building.


Thanks Rob, I guess that was pretty much what I was asking about not being able to physically see the conductors

Need’ is such an ‘opinionated’ word… Are they “required” to be?
For overhead systems, they are 50/50 exposed. On underground systems, they are always in conduit, and 50/50 exposed… but the conductors are still not visible without disassembly of some component.


Need or required pick the word.


Use the word ‘need’ in a courtroom, and a sharp judge will make your life miserable!

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Even when in conduit?

Is that “be on the outside of the building.” or BE accessible from the outside of the building? or both?

So did you open the panel or not?

Service entrance conductors are usually on the exterior, even when they are in conduit.

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If I made a comment I’d probably just say it’s an uncommon installation and replacement of the equipment will be difficult and involve removing some of the stone veneer. The power company or an electrician may be able to provide additional information.

I don’t see anything in the photo worthy of any comment. I’ve haven’t seen boxes flush with the masonry either, but I’ve seen siding added that covers near the surface of the panel.

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And what about those instances where the SEC enters the home near the soffit when the meter is in the basement?