First time I've seen this

Service conductors have been extended inside the panel. New panel and wiring upgrade, no permits. Is this a defective condition? If it is, and for my own knowledge, a code reference would be much appreciated.

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Curious if you have a picture for the rest of the panel.

I believe there is no issue with splicing the SEC.

Wiring does look like a non professional job - not nice and tidy!!

Full pic attached. Doesn’t seem safe to me. What is typically beyond the electrical tape? Metal clamp?

As long as the proper “clamp” is used (as I understand it).

Who knows what is underneath the tape??

Could be two different types of SEC (aluminum and copper)

If it was done with permits and a professional there would be no splice as they would of used the right length of wires.

Do you have a pic of the exterior meter and service?

Let’s assume it is a metal clamp. If so, than the only insulator between the hot SEC grounding to the panel is a few wraps of electrical tape? And this is acceptable?

Exterior pic with drop attached.

The service runs inside the building from the weathered head to the meter base? That seems wrong to me.

Thanks for posting, interesting set up.

The pics are good but I need a seeing eye dog to zoom in.

230.46 Spliced Conductors.
Service-entrance conductors shall be permitted to be spliced or tapped in accordance with 110.14, 300.5(E), 300.13, and 300.15.

edit to add;

If done properly there is no harm but to know if it is done properly one would need to open the joint…

I would suggest that if you feel uncomfortable then cite it to be evaluated.

A first for me.

Typically it will still be contained within conduit from the weatherhead to the socket/base.

It is most often a split bolt connection.

Then either self-fusing or friction tape. I wouldn’t be very confident in plain old electrical tape, it doesn’t stand up to time.

Not wrong(back when it was first done), we have that on a few houses around here. It’s certainly not done anymore.

I was in a house with the meter in the basement next to the main panel once and I bumped the meter as I was removing the panel cover. Half the power went off to the remodeled basement and part of the house. Then I saw the meter tag was clipped. Someone had gotten into the meter and hooked up some free power. :slight_smile: Apparently their connection wasn’t very good and bumping it shorted it out.

Perhaps that’s why the utility companies put them outside now.

Oh, now I see what you mean, the meter is outside too! Wow, that’s a lot of work for not much cosmetic benefit. Correction, I haven’t seen that before.

Thanks all for your comments. The taped splices look sound and are new, so I guess I will leave it alone. Just knowing this was a non-permitted panel upgrade made me question the splice since I had never seen that before.

Thanks again!

The SEC’s are supposed to be on the outside of the building not enclosed by the building finish.

We do allow it here Robert but it must be signed off by the AHJ. I always recommend it be well sealed to prevent nesting. ESA sticker is usually visible if it has been accepted.

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Fairly common here in San Diego. Mainly on homes built in the 50’s and 60’s.