Flying with IR camera

I will be flying with me Flir IR T-420 camera for the first time. I these anything special I should know about taking IR camera on a plane? I was thinking about not checking a bag. Is there anything I should know about the batteries?

Thank you.

I flew from Edmonton Alberta to Omaha NB. I had it in my carry on and put it on a seperate trat going through the x-ray. No issues at all.

Great reminder Chuck, Good info Thanks … Roy

IR cameras that are 9hz or below are not classified as military grade. Having said that, not every agent at the security gate is well versed in the law. Some have been known to refuse any infrared camera to go through. Others do not care. It’s a wild card. I have taken my IR camera back and forth into Canada a couple times with no issue, but will not do it anymore because I don’t want to deal with the issue, if it comes up with an ignorant security agent who means well.