Anyone ship a thermal camera from CAN to the US

I’m thinking ebay for my camera but I want to be able to ship to the USA. I’ve heard the customs guys (on both sides) don’t like to see thermal cameras cross but have no first hand knowledge. Has anyone shipped a camera from Canada to the US recently? Experience?

Contact the manufacturer for an accurate answer. I believe Flir has the info on their website. There are laws restricting the import/export of technology. I am understanding that IR technology is included.

You cannot ship an IR camera across the border. in saying that, you can carry it across.

Drive to the falls 45 miles drive over and ship it from USA , you need a passport to go to USA

Besides cost, the devalued Canadian dollar, may I ask why not buy new stateside near you?
In the event of malfunction see how the warranty plays out.

When you buy from a store they handle all shipping and likely allow you a loaner during repairs or even recalibration.