airports with a TI camera

Whats the best way to fly/go through airport security with a TI camera?

Carry it.

Absolutely carry it

thank you

Just make sure your battery is charged as they may want you to turn it on. And as an aside, put your moisture meter in checked baggage if you’re taking one. They do not like the pins. Fortunately, I had checked with the TSA office at my airport before I traveled.

Pack your extra battery in checked baggage if you have them. They may say something about that. I never had a problem but there are notices posted out there. You can check on the Flir web site about that if you want to know.

TSA doesn’t know what they are looking at half of the time.
They drug me into the strip down room over a 1 inch swiss knife on mmy key ring one time…

I thought they were gonna throw down on me one time when they tried to open my briefcase standing up I grabbed for it and told stuff would fall out everywhere if they didn’t lay it flat to open it they took my letter opener :roll: it had already gone through security twice.

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