Fogging Windows

My East facing windows are fogging between panes

The squiggle gasket has been compromised. Replace…

Thank you Larry

Do I need to Replace Windows or Gasket ''I will call my Windows Supplier ,House built 2006

I highly appreciate your prompt response

Best Regards

Waiel Hasan

Edmonton Canada

Morning Waiel. Hope this post finds you well and in good spirits today.
1: Please describe the window/s. Plastic/nylon, Metal frame, anodized aluminum, Single/double hung, mechanical casement, etc.’
2: Describe if the glazing is single, double/thermal or triple pane thermal.
3: Upload an image. Take a close up image of the thermal pane ‘seals.’
4: Take a close up of the spacer bar at the bottom between thermal panes.

In a thermal pane window, worn, damaged seals, allow air to infiltrate/migrate between the 2-3 glazing’s.
Worn discussant can not mitigate any above average RH Relative Humidity causing fogging between the glazing.
Here is a nylon sliding single pane window close up of the pane/glazing seal.

Awaiting an image.