For Sale mold inspection equipment


How would you like to expand your business? This is not an ad from some scammer, but I have a small business that I started in 2009 and now I am 75 years old and retiring and I would like to pass on this profitable business to some interested person. If you have ambition and business sense to add a well-founded business then this is for you. Let me tell you a little about this. Since I became a Certified Mold Inspector, I have conducted many inspections for all kinds of mold. Chaetomium, Aspergillus, 100’s more and Stachybotrys.
To give you an example of how this would be a profitable company for you, the time it takes to complete a standard air sampling inspection is 1-1/5 hours and the average cost is minimum $200 - $400.00. You can usually complete 5-6 inspection a day if you market right.
Sure, you say why would I give up a business that is that profitable? Like I told you I am retiring and I have some medical issues.
I want to pass on the entire business. Equipment, web site and possibly one of my Chev HHR’s. (which has become fairly rare since they do not make them anymore). It is the perfect vehicle to carry the Mold Equipment. I will also throw into this offer my time to get you certified and teach you all you need to operate this small business the way I have for many years.

VERY IMPORTANT: If you are not a serious buyer then don’t bother contacting me. If you are serious then contact me at
Also check out the web site at

			Listing of equipment

Air Cell Bio Pump Kit w/ extra tubing
Box of Extra air Cells
Moisture Meter
Wireless Video Borescope
Infrared Thermometer
Air cell Bio Pump Tripod
Air Temp / Humidity Kit
Rubber shoe booties
Tyvek Suits
Tape Lift samples (Glass slides)
Wet Lift Samples
Rubber Gloves
Plastic Bags
Fed Ex Mailers and labels
Misc. Tools
Chevrolet HHR Van
Training on all aspects
Complete Web Site

Web site is hooked up to Facebook also

Equipment and training only. No A/R,

For the money you are asking, they damned well better be in brand NEW condition, less than a couple of years old, and of Premium quality!!

If you are demanding no “Looky Loo’s”, you best post the name brands of each thing you have listed!!

Good luck!!

…and 'many" is relative.

But, best of luck on your sale.