Mold Sampling Kit

I have gotten out of the mold sampling business about October of last year so it is time to sale the sampling kit. It would be the perfect kit for somebody wanting to get into sampling. The kit is like new and hardly used. I have a calibration log that will be sold with it for your records. Also there is 7 swabs, 6 tape lifts, and 2 Air-O-Cell canisters to go with it.

Let me know if you are interested. $235.00 includes shipping and I can take a card. Will send you an invoice through square if you would like or I will accept paypal.

Is that the same kit EMSL sells for $299 brand new?
Don’t care if it is, just curious.

Yes just not as many of the canisters with this one.

Make an offer if you don’t like the price I am open.

Just passing along information for those looking to get into mold testing. A pic on a MB doesn’t tell anyone crap.

Sure. It is the same one. It has been used a handful of times.

Hi Taylor I had thoughts of adding it to my services because I run into it so much, if you don’t mind the question why are you no longer interested in the mold aspect of our offerings as home inspectors. I may be interested in buying your equipment btw.
Thanks Taylor.

Taylor, if Tray hasn’t purchased this yet, can you let me know. I’m interested, but could you do $200? You can txt me if you want, 719-252-5167

I forgot that i posted this…

The mold sampling kit is still for sale. I will take $200.00 for it. Please email me if you are interested because I might forget about this tread again.

Taylor …

You need to get into EIFS moisture probing down there & maybe IR.

WE get called to Witcheeta, Hutchinson, etc 4-5 times a year to do those. From what the REA’s tell us, there is no competent inspectors in that down there.

By the way, I’m enroute to DFW for a few days AND stopped at a Q-trip for gas.

Met a guy with ATM home inspections from Witchita … Husband and Wife team.

Know Them??

I have heard of them but I have never met them.

Dan I have thought about the EFIS testing but haven’t looked to much into it yet. How much do you charge for the training you provide on it?

As for IR I don’t feel that I would ever be competent in it due to me being partially color blind. I have a hard time distinguishing between shades of colors and I don’t think I could ever see the nuances of the IR.

One of the pallets is shades of gray.

I don’t really get what you mean Frank.

like this