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[size=5]Professional Equip items: very rarely used in 2 yrs.
product Cost
[size=4]C O Meter Item # G4060670 $199.95
Tiff-8800 A Gas detector $186.95
Extech Electrical test kit (never used) $199.95
Item # E602-0403

Selling price $250.00 plus shipping

Also I have a Rotation laser level with tri-pod and level detector, with 9ft aluminum measuring rod worth $879.00 willing to sell it for $475.00 plus shipping Brand new…comes with hard case. Mfg By: Northwest


Aram, Did Bushart run you out of business???

Nope…got no help from Internachi to assist us for our area…we had faught our way to get the state to approve a class with Nick as guest speaker…and he cancelled it on us…we been waiting 2 yrs for this…we lost it…ASHI is known out here…and we didnt get NO support…sorry…I was and still am dissapointed …i sold everything also…if anyone wants to know…im goin back to school and get my Masters degree…and associates degree…

No Jim didn’t run me out…i was stompped on by everyone else…and no one seemed to care…good luck to u all…

Autm lives in a part of the state where the real estate salesman and his ASHI assistant work together to sell houses. Much like St. Louis, the ASHI chapter and the Columbia realtors sleep in the same bed.

All that Autm had to offer was the extensive amount of money and time that he put into his training and his equipment in order to provide a genuine service to consumers. As such, he posed a threat to the status quo.

He was at one time the most enthusiastic supporter of NACHI in his part of the state and did very, very much to promote NACHI in Columbia. He went at it alone and his efforts did not pay off.

I am saddened to see Missouri lose one of its best inspectors and for NACHI’s loss as well.

When Autm pulls his hand from this bucket of water, there will certainly be a hole.

Best of luck to you, Autm. You gave more than many.

Autm, I’m sorry to see you go and that you had to go through some frustrating times. I’ve quite a few good conversations with you over the years. Please call or email me if you need anything.

Thank you guys for your support…you have been there with me side by side, but nothing was coming out of it…all the realtors have there heads so far up their gazooo they are just being fooled by the best idiots in the industry…

Take care and thank you again for ur support and words…good luck to you all

Good Luck in your career decision, Aram. I wish you the best.

Aram good news about his career field is you work the jobs as they come around your full time job. Why not keep doing this to help supplement your income?