For Sale

I’m getting rid of 2 pieces of equipment. I have a Tramex Moisture Encounter Plus moisture meter used twice and a TIF 8500 CO detector also used twice… Tramex is $300.00 plus shipping and the 8500 is$200.00 plus shipping. E mail me if interested.

John if nobody on the board picks them up soon, you may want to come on down to Morgantown, WV in a couple of weeks & see about selling them to the attendees of that 3-day event:

  • I’ll be there!


Thanks for the heads up.

Bring a carload of your local guys with you. Stay in touch; I’ll probably be arriving the night before.
We can get together earlier in the day, before the meeting, & critique biz cards, brochures & BS . . .

Wow - Russ! Nick has you traveling all over the place, doesn’t he?!

Let me know if you received the free web site certificates I sent you for your upcoming meetings as door prizes, and have a great trip!

  • Roberta

Hi Russell
I’ll be there too. I’m coming to get an advanced mold cert.

Is there a chapter in Charleston?

Going to a NACHI Chapter meeting would be a great reason for going home.

Got 'em, Roberta - thanks!

As far as I know there is not. I live in Parkersburg now but I grew up in Summers County. Bluestone Lake and New and Greenbrier River country.

James, I’ll be there on the 16th to talk, then leave out while you guys are getting moldy.

Make sure you get my attn & say HI!


Hey, Greg!

If you find yourself in Morgantown, it would be great to see you again!

I will. I’ll be there for all three days.