Inspection STUFF = FOR SALE

Snifit 50 Carbon monoxide analyzer - list = $409. + tax = will sell for $225.00

Survaymaster Protometer moisture meter== -List for $ 495. + tax
will sell for = $250… looks new= was kept in case all time.

Lasermark 58ilm self leveling laser cross laser - List for $208 + tax
will sell for $95. = kept in case all time

4 New door security 3 digit Lock Boxes @ $30.00 ea.

Call Murry @ 918-770-5860 LIC. MASTER & PROFESSIONAL INSPECTOR SINCE 1988 = retiring= its been a long
road, but i would do
it again.

I think you need to disclose that you are a vender/reseller and not a Home inspector.

Every post you have ever made is reselling something for profit.

Bob; i hate to tell you this. The first rule of a inspector is …
Do not assuummee anything. Check. I have been a master inspector
since 1988. I am retiring bob.

Oh bob ; i forgot to include for 21 yrs. I was an electrical and air contractor. And still hold masters lic. Bob, check — never assuummeee.

OK Murry.
Will take your word for it.
I checked posts and saw nothing inspection related.
We have lots of spam here.