For your consideration. Just take a look...

There is no hidden gimmick here. These are real referrals. generates hundreds of inspection leads for our company. These leads come from ALL OVER the U.S.

If you are an inspector that is interested in having the opportunity to accept a referral job (in your area) on a day when you don’t have ANY jobs… please send me a resume and a sample inspection report that you have completed.

We are looking for qualified inspectors that we can refer these leads to. Inspectorocity users are “regular” people who have turned to the internet for efficiency and ease in booking their home inspections.

We generally book the inspection at a price that will cover what you would regularly make on any inspection. We can provide references from inspectors in many states that can vouch for our professionalism and authenticity.

If you have further questions about how this program works, please feel free to email me or give me a call at 1-800-991-9695.

Some one else who wants Money from our NACHI members .
They just want a slice of what you make .
Gee we are so lucky to have so many who want to help us .
Thanks for the offer.


I have heard from a well respected NACHI member that your services are legitimate and is on the “up and up.”

I think you would have better luck on this board if you answered some of the questions that have been asked, rather than simply posting a request and going away.

Your “hit and run” style of posting is indicative of the many “spammers” this open board encounters.

Just a thought. . .

The program is offered by one of my friends Michael Rowan. Michael and I bang heads at times but he’s a pretty sharp fella and tries hard. I see absolutely nothing wrong with the program other than Michael refusing to come here himself and discuss it.

Here is the advice I give every vendor. Come here and offer to answer questions. If you can answer all the questions and the program makes sense, our guys will buy… good. However, if our questions expose flaws that you didn’t know about your product, service, or program… GREAT! You can now plug the holes we found, return, tell us of the improvements, thank us, and then sell us.

There is no shame in selling a good program and I think Inspectorocity is a good program. But you shouldn’t make a woman do your dirty work.

Yikes, another sexist comment from Nick :roll:

Rowan and MICB

Rowan and Inspection Depot

Wasnt Mike involved in wind inspections of some type?

Wasnt Mike involved in something like MoveInCertified or something?

Wasnt he in charge of CMI at one time until he dissed it or something of that nature?


At least its catchy.

I did not spend all this time building up my own business to work for someone else again.

They told me I had to make a contract to give them money from the jobs they send me.
That’s fine… but all I ask is that they tell us up front.

BTW… what are the charges?

Should be consistent, across the board, and posted in an area on their website for those who may be interested. These include the required qualifications of those who may want to participate.

Wonder of the Travelocity folks will sign up;-)

Sounds like “inspectatrocity”

Sounds like service magic to me.

It’s a joke. Twice I responded within moments of a Chicago inspection need and never heard back.