Members... SIGN UP HERE NOW for inspection leads.

Home Inspection Leads.

You only pay for the jobs you actually get.

Is this through NACHI or outside contractor?

No fee structure is presented.

Wants you to register and agree to terms before you even get information

Outside firm. Pay scale is different for different types inspections. $10 for a home inspection unless you go over 25/month, then it is $8.

Gotta follow the links Bob!

It is an outside vendor that I cut a deal with so that members only pay if they actually get a job and no setup charge.

I look at it this way, there are only so many inspection jobs out there. Every job we get is a job an un-certified doesn’t get.

You say jobs we get.

Their web site says leads we get.

Which is it?

Not true… you pay for the lead, no guarantee you get the job. Pay either way.

And there are 3 inspectors in each area. In my area, I would go broke splitting/competing with 2 other inspectors, as they are all lowballers already.

How about a couple of you try it, and report back here.

If you win, you win.

If you lose, I’ll reimburse you for trying.


Just trying to clear up any confusion Nick.:slight_smile:

Agree. Keep your money. It’s a business decision we all have to make, win/lose/or draw.

Someone volunteer to try it. I’ll cover any losses if it turns out to be a dud.

Right now they have no Inspectors that I have found yet and like service magic want your credit card number.
If they do not trust me ,I do not trust them back.

Seems like service magic but best wishes to those that need the help.

Thanks for the offer Nick.

I read the terms and conditions and decided not to give them my credit card info.

Started the application and they want the verifiable Condo reports that I have done. That would be zero. Very very few condos in my area. I’m out.

I stopped reading the Terms & Conditions when I got to here:

Gee, I wonder who’s behing this???

If there is a condo within 40 miles of my location, I have never seen it.

Looks like it’s not quite ready for prime time.

The CEO just called. He is coming on this board to reply to you all.