Ford Windstar Vans?

I am curious if anyone as an opinion on Ford Windstar minivans. I need to get a new vehicle for inspections since I have officially declared my Chevy S-10 Blazer dead and beyond repair. I have always been a die hard Chevy guy and am for the first time in my life considering buying a FORD. Anyone know of any issues with Windstars?

Figured I would post here since inspectors are the most critical about equipment most of the time. LOL!

Ford Windstar work vehicle…

(Yeah…I know that didn’t help much.)

I love Fords. I’ve never owned a windstar, but did own an Aerostar for a long time. Currently have an E350 conversion van. They need maintenance like everything else, but the’ve served me well.

I’m sure Chevy lovers will have similar things to say about them.

My oldest Son has had two now and loves them…no complaints that I know of, we took one on a trip to myrtle beach and it was a nice handling vehicle…myself i need the econoline as i just haul around too much stuff…jim

Mini vans in general are all well built.
Aero star is excellent as posted above.
200,000 miles is common.

You mean besides the fact that it’s a minivan? Just kidding. My sister has one of those and loves the thing. Lots of room and dependable.

Oh man, my Chevy Blazer is at 201,000 miles right about now it’s a 98 or 2000, I forget which. But the catalytic converter needs a changin’ and I was thinking some type of mini van also. Still runnin’ strong though, I’m hoping another 150,000 miles :smiley:

Good luck.


I’ve got a 91 G.M.C. Safari van works great “but a little tough on gas”.:mrgreen:

This is our current Fleet…

Guess which one Nanci drives…

The pick-up, right?

Did I win a prize???

:slight_smile: Too Funny…

Read what Ford does with the money it makes off its customers:

The green van looks like a helicopter with that monster ladder. LOL

I’m sure it’s the car if she is anything lke my wife :wink:

Good for them!!!

I’d be happy to support a company that exhibits tolerance and acceptance over one that shows bigotry and unequality!


The van sounds like a good ideal my friend has one and loves it . I drive a Chevy Tahoe ( To much GAS )

Wildmon is still around???

Tolerance and acceptance of freak parades? I’ll not buy a Ford. Apparently a lot of “bigots” like me feel the same way. If they don’t make a change, Ford will go bankrupt…check out their sales decline.

When you drive a Vet the ladies just jump in like fish on a feeding frenzy.
My brother and I shaved our heads bald and drove around in his Vet with the top down around five years ago.
We needed sticks to keep them away.:slight_smile: