Has anyone seen this ad running in their local newspapers?
reading the classifieds this AM and having coffee, I stumbled across
this little ditty…
Check this out…
I thought Nick was working on this for NACHI members?


I just emailed them for some answers. Part of their business is run under a company called National Property Inspections. As far as I know, NPI is a franchise inspection business. If they answer me I will let you know.

The company is not a part of NPI.

They claim to be…

Nationwide Property Inspections.

Not the same company as National Property Inspection.

I saw this website maybe a year or two ago, the only thing positive I can think of doing foreclosure inspections is the fact that I charge Much More, because 95% are trashed and dilapidated that I have inspected, which naturally take much longer, but I never did an inspection for this guy, he might have some real charmers available…:smiley:

But I doubt it.

What a great idea, I can pay them so I can work for them, what a novel concept…I don’t think so. If they want a background check, they can pay for it or take my word for it but it is never a good idea to pay to work for someone…Someone’s wise old grandma told me that the other week when I was looking at joining a franchise based out of a Southern city. :wink:

I have also had too many margaritas tonight and likely shouldnt even be allowed to operate this piece of machinery at this time.


I thought it sounded kinda fishy…

I don’t really like the “pay for work” concept, I’d rather GET paid for work,

thanks guys,

Nick posted something about this company back in March, here is the link to that thread.

If you noticed as a sub you get paid $250 but then you have to pay $35 to NPI so you end up with…let see…carry the 1…$215 for some piece of $hit house…and it sounds like they want on call 4-6 hours a day to take care of their clients…when they say jump you say how high for $215.

thanks Guys, the threads that Peter provided said enough for me,

Let’s see, where to start??? All information here retrieved from publicly available sources. Take the information for what it is worth.

From this page:

I can find no listing in any state’s business records for this company.

If this is the same Jay Fletcher Vincent who attended Michigan State and was a second round draft pick by the Dallas Mavericks in 1981 then his career spanned 1981 - 1990 when he retired. That makes only 9 - 10 years pro and not 14.

From this page

According to the BBB Of Michigan that address is a drop box and his real business is in North carolina

That does cross to The UPS Store which offers mail box services.



The Charlotte, NC address is also “The UPS Store” in a small strip mall which is another drop box operation.


The “Employee Status Line” ( [size=2]904-433-4516 ) is a Jacksonville, FL. telephone number.

The “Company Mobile Phone” ( 517-862-3773 ) is currently listed as a Sprint Cell out of Lansing Michigan.[/size]

It states the email is one of 5 companies. The only companies I can find any connection to him are:

The House Renters Of Lansing
Pro-Inspect Home Inspections
Nationwide Property Inspections
Vincent Enterprises

[FONT=Verdana]If you include his brothers business’ (James Samuel Vincent, currently an assistant coach with the Dallas Mavericks and also former pro NBA player):[/FONT]

[FONT=Verdana]Sam Vincent Enterprises, Inc.[/FONT]
[FONT=Verdana]Sam Vincents Sports, Inc.[/FONT]
[FONT=Verdana]Vincemt Promotions, Inc.[/FONT]

[FONT=Verdana]From the following page:[/FONT]




[FONT=Verdana]I would hope that he bought these previous home inspection companies, or had a staff to manage it, since it states they started in 1982. I don’t expect he was playing B-Ball and inspecting on the side.[/FONT]

[FONT=Verdana]Nowhere on the WEB site does it talk about the required training. Wonder how much that costs??[/FONT]

[FONT=Verdana]From the following page:[/FONT]



[FONT=Verdana]So what you have is a company that appears to be owned and operated by one person, has addresses (drop boxes) in at least two different states and telephone numbers around the country. They report a staff of 5 people and over 2500 Inspectors.[/FONT]

[FONT=Verdana]It would be interesting to hear from a few of those 2500 Inspectors to see how they are doing. [/FONT]

(BTW - I apologize for the messed up fonts here but this BB definitely needs some more work performed on it).


Emmanuel, If I ever need to find someone, or have a question about my wife’s committment to me, I know who to call dude.


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Anytime I can be of assistance don’t hesitate to call. I do research on the side when things are slow.

In this instance I do not care for the potential of wrong doing occurring.

Mr. SWaskewic:

Thank You Mr. Waskewic for the information regarding the ad forclosurebankinspector you saved me from from making a big mistake in applying to this ad and saving me from spending money i did not need to once again Thank You for the information.

Sheila L. Beard:D

Although you are welcome Sheila, I can’t take the credit for the information.
The NACHI guys that posted, are the ones that helped me,

and my hats off to us all…


I am impressed!

Great Job!:stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for this thread I just seen there ad in my local paper this guy is all over…:twisted:

I just saw this add this morning. I checked out the web site. At first it looks interesting. $89.00 for them to do a background and motor vehicle check or you can supply that info yourself. Actually $89.00 not bad. My wife is a lawyer and gets them done all the time. Claims you will get a huge pack of info once you are cleared and will become a sub contractor guaranteed three inspections a week @ $250.00 a pop. It also says you have to pay them $12.00 for each inspection, be available 4-6 hours a day. It goes on to say they are not home inspections and simply a checklist type report that tells them the current shape of the property??? who knows what that means. I would say that $250-$12.00 is pretty good if you actually were able to do them in 1/2 hour and they were in your immediate area and didn’t require any special training as they claim but sounds way to good to be true. It sounds that this outfit is placing adds all over. It would be great to find someone that actually has the real skinny on this, i.e. actually jumped through the hoops they require and is actually performing these inspections regularly and is getting paid!

Maybe I should be the guinea pig and find out the skinny…

This link was posted earlier.

Please read it before becoming a guinea pig.

I have been listed with that key word for all summer.

Not a major search term. At least not for me .
Try foreclosure inspection chicago and you will see.