Mortgage Field Inspectors Needed - IA, IL, MN, MO, and WI

I realize that calling these drive-by inspections an “inspection” is ridiculous, but some people do supplement their down time with this kind of work. If anyone is interested please read below.

We are a well established regional property preservation and inspection company that serves multiple territories including FL, IA, IL, MI, MO, MN, and WI and we are looking for experienced, self motivated contractors to perform monthly reoccurring mortgage field inspections.

Inspectors will be responsible for driving to numerous properties in an assigned area, taking digital photos of the properties to our client’s specifications, completing a computerized inspection report, and uploading the photos and data to a central location within the times specified.

We are looking for inspectors in all counties and ZIP codes in IA, IL, MO, MN, and WI. The properties are set to begin coming in on 9/3/13…This isn’t one of those “collect contact info for the future” posts.

• Verify occupancy and property condition (overall and specific damages)
• Take photos to support occupancy/vacancy and property condition
• Attempt to make contact with occupants (certain inspection types)
• Perform exterior walk-around on vacant properties
• Perform interior walk-through on vacant properties (certain inspection types)
• Identify and report damages to the properties
• Determine and report any maintenance needs
• Ensure that all photos and reports maintain a high level of quality and accuracy
• Maintain clear and continuous communication with our team

Equipment Required:
The software we use to enter inspection data and photos can be used on multiple platforms including the following:
• Windows desktop (XP, Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8)
• iPhone or iPad
• Android smartphones and Tablets

You will be paid per inspection completed correctly as a 1099 independent contractor.

If you are interested please email:
When emailing please include your coverage area (Counties and/or ZIP codes)

The properties are set to begin coming to us on 9/3/13, so any responses will be handled quickly.

What’s the average fee? What is the minimum fee?

What is the payment cycle and method? Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly, 30-day, 30-days from close of cycle- potentially 60-days ??? Check in the mail, Direct deposit ???

I won’t waste my time contacting you without this info “up front”.

Are we guaranteed to get paid?

If you go out of business are we left hung out to dry?

Major **RED Flag **just went up for me!

Literally… every company that I have performed these services for, that is based in Florida… I have been F**cked over for getting paid!

So far, this reminds me of that scumbag company (aka… Securetrac) that keeps changing it’s name to avoid paying inspectors! Not saying it is, or is the same people, but just “reminds me of” them. Always a red flag when there are no names or faces on a website!

I will try to answer everyone’s concerns at once.

The fees range from $3.25-$4.00 per inspection. These are drive-by style with no contact attempts needed.

I work for a PPI company called Bankers Maintenance and Inspections. We’ve been in the business for at least 7 years. While no one can forecast the future, we’ve been in business long enough that we are far from a “fly by night”. In regard to my company’s location, I can’t help that Florida is a hot bed of shady companies and poor business practices. I can say that we aren’t a small firm and that even if we lost this new contact we won’t be going out of business.

We are paying every 2 weeks by check. I know many companies are net 30 or more, but we realize that it costs money to make money in this business.

Jeffrey R. Jonas, You seem to be inferring that the company I represent is somehow a “scumbag company”. I know you skirted the line by saying “reminds me of”, but the inference is there. I’m sorry you were burned in the past, but that does not mean we will burn you. I’ve had both good and bad experiences myself, but it has not stopped me from inquiring further.

As for our website, until recently we had no reason to update it. We are working on doing so now. I should point that none of the nationals (LPS, MCS, MSI) have any photos of their officers/employees on their website. Should they raise a red flag?

The bottom line is simple. If you are interested please email me and we can discuss this further. If not, then there is no need to discuss anything.

If the shoe fits…

The fees range from $3.25-$4.00 per inspection.

Count me out !
That won’t pay for the fuel to get there.

How exactly does this shoe fit? I think insulting someone offering a job opportunity would make someone a scumbag. I’m not here to rip anyone off. I’ve been very honest, but yet you have nothing better to do than hurl insults.

I started doing mortgage inspections @ $2.75 a piece in FL. I made a living for 2 years, before getting the opportunity to go into management of this company. Money can be made if someone is willing to work for it.

Its truly a shame how negative people have been…But I guess its true that the internet is for trolls.


Okay… now after reading your above post, let me be perfectly clear…

In my opinion… trying to recruit professional home inspectors and offering to pay them a measly “$3.25-$4.00 per inspection” is an insult and I consider your business practices as being SCUMMY! If the shoe fits… shove it up you arse!

Should this not be in the comedy section?


While many of us can’t agree on a single topic, we all generally know a crap deal when we see one. We offer professional services here.You are in the wrong place.

Ain’t that true Mike.

Does a professional tell someone to “shove it up their arse”?

My business practices are just like any middleman’s I get X price, then sub the work for Y. Sadly the margin on my end is smaller that the inspectors.

I may be posting in the wrong place…I’ve had certified home inspectors fill in their downtime with this kind of work. I guess they must not have been as “professional” as Jeffrey. Though I think Jeffrey’s definition of professional must be: Being a c*%t to a poster because he dislikes the price offered"

As a rule, absolutely not. You’re the exception though. Shove it up your arse.

Damnnnn !

Answer this one question for me there Shaun. What do you get per inspection?
Go recruit some of the day laborers if you want to deal with chump change. Maybe if you offered a fair deal someone may consider.

You may consider targeting drunks for work instead of those who actually take pride in what the do.

and as the others have said. Go shove it up your arse…

That’s a bad target audience as well. He’s barely covering gas, much less beer money!