New Inspector - Couple Questions

Hi everyone! I am super excited because I just started a new job last week to do inspections for a company that hired me. Before we get too far, let me say I did extensive research on the company to make sure it’s not scam. Everything came up good, they’ve been around for 12 years and are local to my area.

I take pictures of foreclosed homes, do interior and exterior walkthroughs with pictures, occupancy checks and do loss draft interviews. They pay $3.50-$25 per inspection depending on how involved it is and how far away from me it is.

My question is; Are there other companies out there that are legit that I can do these kind of inspections for? IF there are other legit companies doing this, how can I find the names of companies?

Do any of you do these type of inspections and how much do you get per inspection?

Thank you in advance!

3.50$ for an inspection? Why not become a licensed home inspector and make 400$ per? You can start learning here right now. Some states require more training but learning from InterNACHI wont hurt at all.

Assuming YOU are not attempting to SCAM us with this post…

I am here to inform you that YOU are being SCAMMED by this company!

NO self-respecting Professional Inspector would ever consider doing any type work for a measley $3.50 or even $25.00 !!!

These thieving scumbag companies only exist because of lowball inspectors, bored spouses of inspectors, part time re agents, etc…

Yeah. What kind of “LEGIT” company is paying anyone $3.50 to do ANY kind of inspection?!

Basically** they pay one gallon of gas** to drive to the inspection, walk around and photo document the structure, drive back to his office, go online and upload his report and photos.

Do I really need to say more?

Oh, by the way… you still need to pay the IRS on that revenue!

Yup! Hell of a deal!!!

Time you weigh in gas, travel time, and other business cost you will have a negative income with those fees. You’d be better off working at McDonald’s.

Unless he works them for travel charges which is better than not working.

Try reading an entire post for once Bobby. That fee INCLUDES travel !!!

WOW I feel insulted.
Is using Bobby supposed to enrage me or something.
Saying it includes travel charges is like saying "As is " and you already know that response.
“I hope”

Ok, Robert it is.

Gotta be a troll.

Oh WoW!!!

Ron, what is the purpose of the company that hired you to do these “inspections”? They don’t sound like a home inspection company. I ask because I had an opportunity last summer to work for an investment group doing exactly what you are doing. Basically taking pictures and recommending fixes on foreclosed properties to turn into rental properties. They run you ragged from house to house, no benefits and I was concerned what happens to the job when the foreclosures run out.

I hope you’re joking…

Ron James, Several years ago I was an Independent Contractor for Five Brother’s in Southwest Virginia. Like you, I was very excited. I needed extra income to pay the bills. These jobs are no where close to performing a Home Inspection. I had to wear a badge stating that I was an Independent Contractor for Five Brother’s and all of that good stuff Bro. I turned down more jobs than accepting them. These companies will eat you up way more in fuel costs than what you’ll earn by taking some photos.

Sometimes people will have relocated from the property, but most of the time they are at home. Here is my own experience:
· accept jobs and print out information.
· drive to address and knock on door.
· introduce myself showing identification and paperwork. ( These nice people have lived there for 10+ years and missed one mortgage payment and are scared to death that they are losing their home ).
· hand out my personal Home Inspection business card for future reference.
· take pics of house #, mailbox, and exterior shots of all sides/ front and back.
· thank the residents and leave for the next one on my list.

All pics have to be time stamped with the correct date. Upload all paperwork and pics and wait on check in the mail. I never settled for $25.00, I said it wasn’t worth my time. I always charged $50.00. At first they claim they won’t pay and will contact someone else. As the deadline drew closer they contacted me agreeing to the $50.00. (Nope) That was last week, for a rush it will be $75.00 or nothing. They always agreed. Watch out for holes in the ground while you are walking and beware of dogs. You’ll have fun and meet good people and some really hateful ones.
I hope this helps. If you decide in the near future that you want to make more money consider Foundation Certifications with Harrison Engineering ( easy work crawling around and getting paid). Join InterNACHI and learn all that you can on performing Home Inspections, get a software reporting system for your inspections, and market every chance that you can.

  • Take care and be safe man.

3.50 to 25 .00 gosh how could you refuse that kinda of money. lol Anyway get your HI and do it for yourself . They are living off you .

$3.50 I am not sure I would answer questions on the phone for that let alone go somewhere. To be fair I only read the OP and no comments so I do not know if anyone commented on that yet.

I tell them it’s $150 minimum for me to even open my car door to go anywhere

They usually hang up on me pretty quick!

Well, its still an OH WOW…but I took a job on with one of those companies several years ago and it wasnt that bad because the area was so dense for the inspections. I basically did them in between full home inspections. Probably wont do it again but you know sometimes it works out.