Forgot my golf shoes

This was the first time this winter I was unable to walk the roof, if this keeps up I will be having withdrawal symptoms

Don’t you have spiked shoes ;-)?

Had one exactly like that yesterday. I thought that I would just be able to use the Xtend & Climb from the deck, but the deck was just like the roof. Had to get out the multi-position ladder to view from the eaves.


Had one like that last week. Viewed it from the extension ladder only. Got rid of my extend and climb when it failed while I was on it. I fell 8 feet to the concrete below and landed flat on my back. No serious injuries but no more ladders with joints in them for me.

Each time I start thinking I might get a second-story ladder I read a post like this. Phooey I say. Let someone else risk their life.

Why do you need a second story ladder for a single story home???:wink:

Hey Charlie, you need to get a pair of these.
This is what we use in winter, works great!!


Well you know how passionate I am about roofs, but with the ice I do believe the ladder and drip edge is where I stay.

Unfortunately NACHI SOP does not require walking the roof if deemed by the inspector to be unsafe and unfortunately again some inspectors deem all roofs over three ladder rungs high as unsafe.

I had a call last week from a client that I performed a inspection for back in Sept of 2016 and reported no Hail impacts visible at the time of inspection. Fast forward to the present my client had the home on the market for resale and the present buyer had a inspection which reported massive hail impacts and recommended complete shingle replacement. Thus I got the phone call (you inspected my home on). I return to the home out of curiosity and to protect my reputation because we have had no hail storms since I inspected that home. I took new pics and the shingles were the same as in 2016 no hail visible. My client also had a professional roofing company view the roof with the same opinion as me NO hail.

So for the inspectors that inspect from a ladder or worst from the ground get your Fat A** on the roof or find a new profession

For those of you who walk roofs, better find another way to do them.

It may lead to residential as well. As of November 2017.

Hey Gary are you coming out of retirement:shock:

Not yet. Still keep getting phone calls.

My HOA area has to install these anchors so roofers can inspect the roof every year to keep up our annual warranty. Now the gutter cleaners will not walk on any roof unless there are ridge row anchors to attach their safety lines to. Do not know if this effects new home construction and contractor repairs, or even home inspectors that walk on roofs. I heard insurance policies are changing due to the new regs. Use caution out there, Charley.

Yes, I’m the same way and there’s always a limit as to what we can do. This year seems to be worse than other years for ice and snow.

The height of my wood pile tells me spring is just around the corner, hang in there!!

PS I was kidding about the ice creepers, obviously. We do use them but out on the lake fishing!

Yes I knew you were kidding same as my title on this thread I was kidding, our weather has been strange the last 3 years no measurable snow or ice but I am not complaining. The ice last week only lasted one day, I was walking roofs the very next day.:mrgreen: