Form Ties

Do any of you call out form ties which are not snapped off after construction? I mention it but am wondering if I should be more aggressive.

If so, what do you say about them, I’m in need of a comment.




If I see exposed ties I note that they should be removed and sealed to ensure no moisture penetration. To my self I say somebody doesn’t take pride in their work.

Forgive me, but I am not familiar with this type of “form tie”…looks like a CMU foundation to me, and why are the wall straps not fastened to the stem wall?

Can you elaborate? What is a cmu foundation? I always want to learn.

Concrete Masonry Unit (CMU) Construction

Okay, I will google it and file the info. Thanks

Form ties are designed to hold the concrete forms together prior to and during the pouring.
They are also designed to be broken off at the onset of form removal.
They beak to the interior surface of the wall where it can then be patch with a cementious product to achieve a waterresistant surface and prevent moisture intrusion via the form tie.

They are easily removed by hitting with a hammer to one side and then to the next.

Not to be confused with the type form tie here that was used in the late 60’s where they had to be hit down and upward.

Those were called rabi ties and used 3/4" forms with steel walers.

Thanks Marcel, haven’t seen that type. They use snap-ties mostly down here. That foundation wall form must have a simulated stone stamp on the inside.

You have to look at the 4" siding for perspective. :slight_smile: Those are two “courses” in the faux brick poured concrete foundation, about 7" of concrete showing.

Hey Marcel, thanks for the info. Anyone got a good comment I could borrow forever? :wink:

I concur.
nice one Marcel.
I am going 25 years back on a country setting when I saw these. The home was built around EXPO 67.