Hey guys any of your clients been asking about laminate flooring with formaldehyde …is there a way we can test . Any imfo apreciated

Nope not mine and I do not know of a way but there likely should be one.

if they want to shut the doors and leave for a day then a good quality air inspector could handle it for them.
my first question is why would be the reason for asking such an inspection. The wife got a headache (most do). the kids have snotty noses(that’s normal) .if that is the case then it’s probably mold.
I hate ambiguous questions that are left for an open end answer.
light a freaking candle and move on

Did you try Google .
I did and this some Info you might be able to use …

Can get a kit from Lumbar Liquidators if you suspect it and it was ordered from them.

damn it man! Lumbar Liquidators. LOL

Air samples can be taken, or some labs will test a sample of the flooring.

Lol, I’m leaving it. Who Lumbar support is for the weak.

I am weak then because the first week consulting up North my back killed me for a week until I hit the Chiropractor. He fixed me right up. I got a good cheap support with magnets “who knows if they do anything” but I keep it in my Brand new ruck and have never had the problem since then. :slight_smile: