InterNACHI chapters

I tried to search around for an InterNACHI chapter and can not find a website that list the chapters around the country? Does anyone have a link for this?

Thank you,

Stephen Rager

Stephen, I see you are in Indiana. Come to this upcoming inspector marketing event:

Someone needs to take a good alphabetical sorter to that list. It’s a mess.


Your name was mentioned many times at the 1st NE Ohio chapter by myself and the speaker George Wells. Topic was marketing!!

Regarding The New Hampshire chapter

Frank Carrio, CMI is The Founder.
However, There is no Email address & the last post on
the sites board is from 2009 !
Is there a Chance Mr. Carrio is not with us anymore?
** I’m betting he’s not. There’s no “Anything in NH” I know of a couple independent inspectors that won’t give you the time of day. **
** Which is one of the deciding factors that brought me to the decision of becoming an inspector. After I had the opportunity to read a report on a friends house , Whom I had just completed a bunch of work for … **
** That Being said. I intend to head up the NH Chapter & get things up to standard here. Because, believe me. They are not ! **

Looks like frank made a post this year .

Wow, is that based on one experience. My experience is the majority of NH inspectors are very good.

Frank is still a member but we haven’t had a chapter meeting in years.

NH inspectors They are Number one in my books too.

Thanks Roy, I agree.

Don’t think Darren will have much luck getting established inspectors to his meetings so he can get us ‘’ up to standard’’

Kind of arrogant IMHO

He just might have made an error in Judgement looks like he has only been here about a year

Good point, we should give him the benefit of doubt.

It’s good to want to get involved but insulting people is not the best approach, especially to us members who worked hard durring the licensing fiasco that happened here in NH from 05-09

I spoke (by email) with Frank yesterday.

How is Frank, I need to call and say hi.

I’m presuming that was a decade ago…LOL

No, it was last Thursday the 8th.

#1 Did either one of you bother to actually read my post? The link is to the NH Chapter! Not NACHI forum…
#2 This backlashing I’m receiving right now. proves my case.
#3 I’ve asked , IDK how many questions in the forum. Roy you haven’t been of any help what so ever. I don’t appreciate your acrimonious manner .
#4 Your quick response to this initial post was “He ( Frank) just posted the other day” . Again read #1
#5. Aren’t you the one who replied to another of my post, "I charge all the , “NEWBIES” for the “Ride a long”?
#6. Since Neither one of you bothered to ask me details regarding my experience with a few independents in NH & the of a great , long time friend of mine. Isn’t it just a little audacious of you to come at me like I’m the one who’s on the attack?
That being said… Roy going forward. I would really appreciate if you would refrain from participating in any threads I start. I noticed you’ve been very friendly & helpful to some of the new girls here. Even crossed boarders to help some… That’s awesome… But for me, You’ve caused me to regret joining InterNACHI . I just don’t know how I’ll ever get around not mentioning my experience with you. Should anyone ask me about the InterNACHI experience

None of my business, but I think you’re reading a malicious tone in Roy’s post that isn’t there. I didn’t see anything in this thread where anyone said anything negative towards or about you. If someone saying that you may have made an error in judgement is the worst comment you get, I think you’ll be in good shape. Maybe just chalk it up to a misunderstanding.

Thank you, Tim! Tried a few searches and nothing was coming up.

Daniel. Believe me. As a God loving & fearing man. That’s what I’m all about… But I assure you. This isn’t the first time
Roy D. Cooke, Sr](

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Re: Apprenticing??
I mentored many newbies Inspectors and charged them to go with me .
I am now retired and do not do this any more .

What sort of liabilities are there for an Inspector who mentors others .

That was another response in a different post I made a while back .
The problem with the last one. He didn’t read the Question for what it was & he certainly didn’t click the link I was referring to …
I don’t care what Franks activities have been on the NACHI forum. That wasn’t my Question.!
You know. Every new comer just comes here with questions. And the understanding that there are these Guru’s here waiting to answer questions … I’ve not gotten one solid answer to a single. Inspection related question… I uploaded a picture of a heating system as per request/ requirement on a course a while back… Asking , begging for input … Nope. Nothing I ask Questions on Kenton Shepard’s threads. Never get an answer
And all this reinforces the claim I made about some independent’s out here in NH. There’s a few I reached out to in the last yr. via email & phone call. Never heard back from either one of them ! Look. I get it… I’m schooled… I’ll show you my track record on the NACHI education log. I’m not trying to bypass the actual work & get people to give me answers to questions on exams… In fact. I don’t engaged any forum during any courses active. But my God. If I can’t get a simple straight forward answer to a simple question… Well, I question weather I’m associated with the right organization really . This has been a very disappointing experience for me …