Forum screwed up all day ?

Seems to not be refreshing 50% of the time in waves.
Thought they fixed it .

Been slow for me off and on for the last week or so.

I didn’t notice. But then again I was inspecting all day. This is the first time I looked at the forum since early this morning. :cool:

I think we finally tracked it down and fixed the issue.

It’s been slow for me since I moved to the sticks and had to get satellite internet–I can’t even get DSL :twisted:

Sorry you are forced to work Sunday’s :-({|=

I didn’t work on Sunday. I thought the original post was from yesterday, Monday.

Do you have cell service in your holler.:|.)

No eye for detail ?..:stuck_out_tongue:

You should look in the mirror. You skim over people’s posts and then comment all the time.

Still slow. Kind of a hit & miss.

It works fine on my Mac and Iphone.
Slow on my standby PC.

Yep, but it’s almost like my younger, partying days–never enough bars!! :mrgreen:

LOL … Reason I asked is I’ve been using cell wifi hot spot works great.