Having trouble With NACHI BB

Is anyone having trouble getting onto the message board I have been having trouble all evening very slow between messages or won’t display the page. Can go to anyother site and loads well just not this one.

Yep. Bad day for the MB. . .

Just look at how few the postings are for tonite.

Should be OK now, no?

Seems to be better.

We broke a traffic record earlier today (see www.alexa.com) which crashed an entire network and knocked out thousands of sites for about 2 hours.

Everytime we upgrade our system and start slapping each other on the back thinking we’re good for another year, we reach that projected volume about 3 weeks later and have to upgrade again to keep up with demand, traffic, and new online services.

Sounds like our highway systems around here.

They widen, raise, revise traffic signal plans and routing and by the time the project is completed, we’re back to the same old bumper to bumper.

Thanks to Chris and whoever else keeps the BB online