Message board speed improvements

Hey all,

We just pushed a few updates to the message board that should improve the speed significantly. Let me know if you notice a difference. I know it’s been flaky since the server upgrades last week. We’ll be moving the message board to the new upgraded datacenter shortly, but until we do I hope these improvements help.


Much better today.

We’re simply handling more and more traffic every day.

Better now here as well. I let Nick know when they were draggin a-s in S. Florida on Att.

Chris, Tim, et al, we’re hanging in there with you…
When you get to it, the Awards Committee portal needs help:

Thanks for your help!!!

I’m finding it very sluggish now. Even slower than the last few days.

Yep, it sucks again.

Stop flipping switches guys :wink:

like molasses on a winter day…

We should be good now.

Muy Bueno Senor!