Found a mysterious green lid

I came across this during an inspection today and frankly have no idea what it is. This home was in city limits, on city water, city septic and a natural gas line with a meter installed along the home. The home was built in 2020 and the owner had no idea, and never asked the builder about it. The only reason I didn’t open the lid is the warning of poison gas…kind of like going home at night. The electrical box on the exterior was connected to a dedicated 20 AMP GFCI breaker. Thoughts??

Looks like a sanitary sewer grinder or lift. Was there an alarm nearby?


There was an alarm, but why would there be a sewer lift on the exterior of the home and on a home that is on city sewer?

Sometimes a home sanitary sewer is below the city pipe. Gotta pump it up there.

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Grinder/pump, yeap!

Auxiliary well and pump for the sewage.

The city sewer line is higher than the home’s sewer line.



Maintenance free yard!

Installed the same system on a larger scale build I did back in 2005. Had to pump to a higher elevation to the drain lines (septic). Had the tank fill/pump warning light on it although not relevant to this.

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I was thinking this as well when I first saw it outside. I did a sewer scope from the basement cleanout and went straight to the city 72 feet later.

Also, I really appreciate the feedback guys, thank you!

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I get what you all are saying about the sanitary pump.

Looking at the grade from the house to the street, it doesn’t look like it would need a pump. Unless it’s routed toward the back of the house.

Do you have a picture of the lid?

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This is the only other picture of the lid I have…
Also this was a corner lot with the street on both sides lower than the home. Behind the home is another yard so doubtful a sewage line would go behind the home; but who knows I have seen stranger stuff. I did not do a locate on the sewer scope to figure out where the line went to.

Emergency Back Up maybe? In other words, catching back flow? Scratching my head too…

It could actually be a septic system. You can have city water but not city sewer. I agree, it sure doesnt seem like a lift is needed


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95% of the homes in my area are on septic. However, some do have access to public sewer. In this area, it’s common to have both public water and being on a septic. Just wonder if it can be a combo of both with an ancillary pump in between.

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