Identify this item?

Who can Identify this item?

This is a relatively new (2001) development. Public water and sewer. Each home in this end of street circle has one by their driveway or in their front yard (11 homes).


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Maybe a lift station?

Good answer.


I am sorry if my wording suggested this was a contest. I honestly don’t know what these are.

The only thing that occured to me was an electrical vault, power is underground to all these homes. I’ve never seen a round one though, nor did I find any image similar in a Google search or a vault that was so easily accessible.

tank vent

Sewer grinder pump.

Well now that I looked up lift station I learned some new s**t!

Seriously though, while I can see the need for such a device, why does each house have to have a separate one and who maintains it? The county or the property owner? I do believe the listing for this house specified a HOA so that’s another possibility.

Varies. some service more than on residence and will be covered by a separate agreement just as well can be.

In my area I have come across very few shared systems.