Foundation blocks

These foundation blocks are under this crawlspace foundation. Most of them are simply on dirt. 2 blocks upright, 1 block layed on its side. House is 50 years old. Is this a proper use of these blocks. the floor of this house has moved up and down all over the house. They clearly are not keeping the foundation solid.

No, it is not proper.

You answered your own question. Describe what you see in your report…blocks on dirt, layed on their side and floor movement and instability of the floor system…repair as needed by qualified contractor to maintain structural integrity, blah, blah, blah…

Also, you dont stack 4" hollow CMU’s in such a manner as they are (horizontal)…they are not structural.

Thanks Jeff and Barry for emailing me, I thought it was pretty silly application.
Just wanted a second say it so.

Jeff’s got it.