Foundation Crack... Any recommendations?

Any thoughts on this foundation crack?
100 year old home on a granite block foundation. The crack is on a corner and extends around the corner.
The corner sits very near a retaining wall that shows signs of failure.
Is this a settlement crack due to movement?
Any suggestions on how to write it up?
Any suggestions on how to fix it?

Thanks in advance.

Id love to see a more zoomed out pic to try to see bulging or displacement. Id write up (depending on interior and wider angle view), at least repair of the crack from the exterior to prevent water entry.

You can recommend evaluation by a structural engineer (if uncertain), and repair as prescribed by the SE. That’s OK to do.

I’d need more photos to be more specific on this one.

based on pix

S.E. to design & prescribe foundation & retaining wall repairs & foundation contractor or qualified mason to execute said repairs

also removal of the vines that are or will eventually cause damage to the wall materials & appear to be a poisonous species

Here’s all you need to know…

The crack was attempted to be repaired at least once already. Don’t look at the crack, look at the evidence all around it. The mortar, the marks on the granite from where the mason ground out the old deteriorated material, etc…

The movement is ongoing if it has failed, again.

Time for a foundation specialist who will retain the services of engineer(s) as needed for a proper repair.

It is not your place to speculate on the why, or the how.

Report and move on.

Great info Jeff. It is easy to get caught up in why or how and we lose focus. Thanks

Yup… it’s that tree and forest thing! :mrgreen: