Foundation crack

This crack in the foundation appears to me as excessive. The crack is consistent through the foundation although it is a smaller crack on the interior side. A retaining wall is leaning away from the building and may be a contributing factor.

What is your recommendation on writing this up?


Fissure(s) de fondation mineure(s) observée(s). Toutes fissures sont susceptibles de laisser infiltrer l’eau.
[size=1]Il est fortement recommandé de réparer toutes les fissures car celles-ci sont susceptibles de causer des infiltrations d’eau et de causer des dommages d’eau et de moisissures à l’intérieur du bâtiment.


Oui, comme ca, mais peut-etre en anglais.

You need to refer it to a structural engineer.

Is that a slab? Hard to tell.

It’s a small crack. Here’s a statement I often use.

“There are some relatively small vertical cracks in the foundation walls, which are probably attributable to shrinkage and have little structural significance. Generally speaking, cracks that are less than 1/4” are not commonly regarded as being structurally significant, but this should not dissuade you from seeking a second opinion from a structural engineer or foundation specialist. Nonetheless, they should be monitored to see if there is active movement in this area, because such cracks can become a contentious and litigious issue. And sealing the cracks to prevent moisture intrusion is recommended."

It appears to be slab on grade. Plus he states cracks where located inside around the same area. I would call for a engineer. Doesn’t look like shrinkage to me.

You can’t pour 2,500 SF of concrete and expect it not to have any cracks.

Standard statement I use for any slab:

“Many slabs are found to contain cracks when the carpet and padding are removed, including some that contour the edge and can be quite wide. They typically result from shrinkage and usually have little structural significance. However, there is no absolute standard for evaluating cracks, and those that are less than 1/4” and which exhibit no significant vertical or horizontal displacement are generally not regarded as being significant. Although they typically do result from common shrinkage, they can also be caused by a deficient mixture of concrete, deterioration through time, seismic activity, adverse soil conditions, and poor drainage, and if they are not sealed they can allow moisture to enter a residence, and particularly if the residence is surcharged by a hill or even a slope, or if downspouts discharge adjacent to the slab. However, in the absence of any major defects, we may not recommend that you consult with a foundation contractor, a structural engineer, or a geologist, but this should not deter you from seeking the opinion of any such expert, and we would be happy to refer one."

I don’t think it’s a slab

Was this the interior or exterior side?

Smaller at the top or bottom?


Got a pic of the entire crack?

Any other signs that this is a structural issue?

Generally, from this pic, a foundation contractor can repair. And should - water entry issues if it’s not.

Absent the full pic or other signs, calling an SE for a crack about 1/8" is a bit much, IMO.

I like the verbiage, except for the blue. IMO, cracks should be repaired (epoxy comes to mind) if for nothing else, to prevent water intrusion. I would also change 1/4 to 1/8, but that’s just me. :slight_smile:

gracias :mrgreen:

If it were a slab he wouldn’t be able to see the interior, and he said that the crack was smaller on the interior. The question is… is it likely to continue moving? And to know that, you have to know what caused it in the first place.

Was it larger at the top or bottom (heaving or settling)? was it near a hose bib (freeze damage)? Any evidence of differential settlement or poor original compaction like uneven walks or driveway joints?


An inspector stated these cracks could void my termite warranty, and I’ve been reporting this issue, but the builder does not respond. The house was built in 2008, and I do not know if these cracks are serious enough for a repair. They are from the corner side of the house. Shouldn’t the builder address the issue or at least give us a follow up report on the condition of the foundation? In addition, the garage cement has almost a 4 feet line crack already.