Foundation cracks

Obviously when I am going to recommend further evaluation of this foundation by a Structural engineer. I’ve never seen what their rates are like. Any general ideas what SE’s charge for these types of evaluations?

This is a 1926 built home, on a moderate slope, similar cracks in retaining wall in the yard on this same side of the home. At least 2 significant cracks similar in size.

The pictures weren’t oriented this way on my tablet, they seem to have flipped when I posted them? Sorry about that.

wow those are impressive!

As far as SE fees they’ll be all over the place just like an inspectors.

I have a really good SE I’ve been working with for years.
He’ll come to a property and do a “walk and talk” for a few hundred or less
If stamped drawings or specs are necessary that’s a different matter.


I typically charge $300 to $400 on something like that, depending on mileage.

Thank you both Thomas and Randy.