Foundation cracks

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I am buying house and seeing cracks on horizontal cracks on foundation. Can anyone guide what do you think cracks appears like is it cold joint or something else.


Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 6.51.22 AM.png

What did your InterNACHI home inspector say about the cracks?

It could be due to cold joint.


I’d would go along with your inspector, can you send us a copy of his report page on this?

Thanks for the reply.
Attached is the report about the Foundation. If thats not good enough please let me know you email id and i can forward you full report too.


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It is from not applying a properly designed flashing over the concrete foundation.

Are certain that is the foundation and not the rim joist? Look like parging below the crack and stucco above. Stucco usually covers the upper framed (two by fours and sheathing) portion of the house, and parging the concrete foundation.

Thanks for the reply. So is it something major concern for me? like a deal breaker which requires big money to fix or its more like a cosmetic thing.
Sorry for my lack of knowledge


Experts Sorry for me being unknown to your technical words. But is this something is hold be worried about or its just a cosmetic thing.

Kush Sharma

Just cosmetic in my opinion.

No worries.


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I would not be concerned. All foundations crack at some point.

Appears to me to be a sidewalk poured against a foundation. Since they are poured separately, a gap is normal. This picture, to me, is not of a foundation, but a sidewalk or garage slab.

I would agree. Just looks like where the stucco ended and the foundation (or whatever it is) began. Normal shrinkage causing a “crack”.


Agree with Erik, though occasionally stucco covers masonry block. Parging may conceal a defect, but the horizontal cracks are thin, and if at the meeting of two different house sections (foundation/framing) it is not a concern. If all of a foundation wall, it still might be cosmetic, from the differing coverings.

More pictures would be helpful for a better evaluation.

Appears to be a cold joint, meaning the footing and slab were poured at different times… the footing began to cure prior to the placement of the slab, of which didn’t fully bond to the footing… hence a cold joint.

Most of the time and without being able to feel a difference/offset between the two surfaces, I’d recommend sealing the cold joint with a host of different types of repairs, the important thing is to keep moisture out of the joint to prevent rust.

In a nutshell, most of the time, it’s not a huge deal… but again, I recommend sealing/closing gap. If moisture is allowed to penetrate the gap, any steel components (such as the bolts holding your framing to foundation) can rust and expand… creating a need for a repair larger than sealing.

Good luck

Thanks for all your help and feedback. Thanks a lot again everyone.