Horizon crack foundation garage

image image image

back of the garage foundation, the back yard slope down…
I recommend a handrail by the garage because it is a 2 foot drop
I recommend a structural engineer for the crack but what would cause a crack like that?
We have about 18 inches of snow on the ground

thank Julie

Do you have any larger photo’s. I can’t tell and when I blew it up it was super distorted.


Same. Almost looks like cold pour joints. Clearer photos would help.


Agree with Junior, :grinning:


Yep, I agree with Junior and Scott.


what is a cold pour joints?

Julie, google is your friend. search it and you will find many explanations and pictures.
Good Luck!


Appears to be a cold joint.

Likely the pour went higher than the builder anticipated and stopped allowing the concreate to get thumb tight of cured or they stopped the pour altogether due to some unknown reason unknown to us.

Personally, I have never seen a horizontal foundation crack that high from grade or a horizontal foundation crack that so evenly parallels the foundation shelf or footing.
*Note: Even the color of the concrete is different. That would get my attention.

Existing structure. Recommend a licensed foundation specialist with inhouse engineer evalaute the concrete of concrete structures. ASTM C805: Rebound Hammer For Concrete Strength.
New structure: Ask the builder for any slump test results and PSI records.

thank you for the help

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It’s a cold joint for sure. Note the different colors of grey and texture on the surface and the nonblended line between them. Very indicative of concrete that was poured at different times and probably with different mixes or weather conditions. If you were to search “cold joint in concrete images” in most search engines, I bet you will find a photo that looks very similar if not identical.


You are welcome, Julie.
Rarely will you see horizontal cracks but that is not to say you will never be involved in an inspection with this type of anomaly.
Foundations anomalies can be perplexing to new home inspectors, but in scope they are relatively simple to ascertain. Here is a link to foundations, as well as a knowledgeable building inspection resource to turn to for good information. Inspectopidia. Bookmark the website. Danial Friedman is a very prolific entrepreneur. Daniel Friedman is a journalist, aero biologist, building scientist, a forensic microscopist, and a nationally recognized expert on building inspection, building failures, and sick building investigation. He serves as editor of InspectAPedia.com.
The Foundation Damage & Repair Bible

Have a great day, Julie.