Foundation Funnd Raising Tool Raffle


The Foundation For Safer Housing is announcing a limited sales raffle for a Tramex Moisture Encounter Plus moisture meter. The Tramex meter has a suggested retail price of $385.00.

We will be selling 100 tickets at $10 per ticket. The raffle will end when the last ticket is sold and the winning bidder will be notified immediately via email.

To view information about the raffle, please visit:

Remember, if you don’t win your ticket purchase is fully tax deductible.

Please help us help others!!



Thank you for your raffle ticket purchase.


I cant believe 100 inspectors out of 10,000 haven’t kicked in to help the foundation and have a chance to win a new tool.

How many tickets are left?

Doun there are exactly 49 tickets left so we are down to the last few days of selling.

Thats sad after 3 days.

Well Henry we were hoping to sell all the tickets in 7 days so it looks like we shall still hit that mark.

I bought 4 tickets the day before yesterday…don’t make me go buy all the rest of them :smiley: …come on guys, a few dollars to a good cause won’t hurt that much.

we are now down to our last 38 tickets. We could be drawing a winner this weekend.

Here’s a challenge…I’ll match the next ticket purchase…you buy one, I’ll buy one…you buy 5, I’ll buy 5…let’s limit it to 10 though :smiley: . Just post the number here or PM me with how many you buy.

your on Michael!

I will buy 10!!

there goes 20

I just purchased the 10 Michael, have at it!


Michael I can confirm that Carla did buy 10 tickets to the raffle.

thanks Carla. I just sent you your numbers!!

Since he can’t post here in Misc., I also want to thank Todd Allen, who also purchased 10 tickets this morning.

Thank you very much, Todd.:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Mike followed through on his challenge. Thanks Mike!!!

Only 17 tickets left, then we draw.

Seven more left who will take them? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Just got in…any tickets left?