Foundation Laptop Raffle

The Foundation was presented with a very nice Toshiba laptop to aid us in our fund raising efforts 15.4 widescreen with all the buzzers and bells. This will also be a limited ticket raffle, only 200 tickets will be sold. So here is a real opportunity to bring home a very nice piece of equipment, for work or play and to help us to order in more alarms to shorten our waiting list.

Click here

Like the Tramex raffle we will keep everyone posted and make sure that your numbers get back to you in a timely fashion. This is an open raffle to all.

Any questions, please feel free to contact me, either PM, email or phone

Thanks again



Just purchased 7 tickets.
If for some reason you can’t sell all the tickets e-mail me and I will purchase the remaining tickets.

I just bought 5, good fund raiser and I’m glad to help out.


Maybe we need to come back and post a note to bring this thread back to the top of list - purchased 5 tickets - glad I could help out.

Thanks you all for taking a shot at the raffle. I dont know what the sale count is currently. Gary takes the Paypal info and Blaine will be assigning the ticket numbers to everyone and emailing them out. We will keep a countdown running so everyone knows how the progress is going. Just a guess though, I think we already reached somewhere around 20-25% of the goal.

Peter, we’ve been working with the Fire Dept in Barre City and helping them out a bit and talking with Lt. Ashe. Chris, I don’t know if you’re close to Rio Rancho, but John Francis the DPS spokesman made contact with us in regards to a rescue of a hearing impaired elderly lady. If we work a program similar to San Antonio in any of these cities, I will make an attempt to make contact with you guys. Mario, thanks for the offer, hopefully that won’t be necessary. I will make sure that John Bowman makes contact with you at Convention and thanks you personally.

We have a irons in the fire that need to be hammered and shaped. These small raffles help us bring in the needed funds to get alarms, pay the postage and pay for the paperwork. I would also like to let everyone know that I have been in contact with Justin Habbershaw the upcoming Eagle Scout helping him with his project. The lad is very energetic, has a mission to fulfill, developed a support cast of helpers and is well on the way to helping the citizens of Davidson MI to live and sleep a little safer. Who knows he could be my replacement in a few years.

If anyone would be interested in delivering out an alarm to one of our applicants or meeting with the local fire dept or local services group, let me know. Also if anyone knows of a hearing impaired or death person needing an alarm let me know.

Again, thanks everyone for stepping up


I’m having some issues getting the emails that should be straightened out later today (after inspections). I should have the numbers out to everyone who has already purchased tickets by tonight. Sorry for the delay.

Thanks to everyone who is supporting this raffle, it is truly a worthy cause that could possibly save a life!!


I would be more than happy to deliver any alarms and install them in N.E. Ga. and/or meet with the local fire departments if you have some info to give them. Ken

I took 3.:smiley:

Paul, My son is a volunteer firefighter in our town and I’m involved with my local community action group, I also work with my other business, which is remodeling and perform some HUD funded remodels throughout the year, if you need someone in NH just let me know.

For those wondering about the units spec’s, here they are


I just bought five tickets… and I think I won :smiley:

Your order is being shipped to

XXXX Tradewind Drive
Mt. Pleasant, SC 29466-7983
United States

Merchant Contact Information

The Foundation for Safer Housing

What a great offer. Everyone will be a winner no matter what.

Thanks Paul

Peter, we really appreciate and respect the work that the fire dept people do for the public, including the vols, they usually have their work cut out for them in terms of older equipment. If you run into another situation like you had last year let me know.

Michael, you could be right, I don’t see tickets though. Thanks Greg, might be down your way later in the year, will give you call when in town.


A great prize for a great cause.
thanks for the opportunity.
( I purchased 2)

Tickets! Smickets!

I guess I need the “numbers” now to say my chants over… :twisted:


just wondering when this will be drawn?

Thanks Paul, I just found out I have been selected as one of four contractors that will be invited to bid on this years community action/HUD funded grants program. I work closely with our local administrator and would be happy to help out any way I can.


The plan is to sell 200 tickets. The Tramex Raffle started on 3/12 and in five days we sold the last ticket. The drawing was held on the 17th. With the laptop being a much higher value prize we upped the ticket ceiling at 200. Based on what I’ve seen so far in replies and emails we’re above the quarter point plus. If the sales match the ratio of the Tramex the last ticket should be sold in about a week or so.

If I would have been a little quicker in getting things put together we could have had some one pull the winner at convention. I tried, but just couldn’t get it pulled together fast enough. I really expect by this time next week we should have the last ticket sold and the winner announced.


UNOFFICIALLY we have sold 60 tickets so far. Right on schedule and in the same time frame. My data is old and I dont know what’s happened today.

I’m feeling good so I am going to toss in a few more goodies. Like the Tramex, we will offer up second place prize of a Foundation T shirt AND a 12 oz can of medium roast Kona Coffee beans from Trader Joe’s. If you like coffee you’ll love the Kona. The T shirt comes from Queenboro, so the quality high. Third place will be one can of Kona.

Again, thanks to all thats participate and those of you who might be thinking about a new laptop. Come on and take a chance or Michael just might win it all :smiley: Also remember we all get old and when we get old things go. The knee’s go, the food tolerance goes, the memory goes and the hearing goes. Heck we might get an application from some one on this board. :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow, I love that stuff!
and have you described me to a T or what?!
A 55-year old, T-shirt wearing, coffee drinking, home inspector!