Foundation Laptop Auction

The Foundation was presented with a very nice Toshiba laptop to aid us in our fund raising efforts 15.4 widescreen with all the buzzers and bells. This will also be a limited ticket raffle, only 200 tickets will be sold. So here is a real opportunity to bring home a very nice piece of equipment, for work or play and to help us to order in more alarms to shorten our waiting list.

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Like the Tramex raffle we will keep everyone posted and make sure that your numbers get back to you in a timely fashion. This is an open raffle to all.

Any questions, please feel free to contact me, either PM, email or phone

Thanks again


Sorry about the title, should read RAFFLE


I dont have the actual count, but I do believe we reached about the 20-25% mark in the first 24 hrs. I will have the bean counter post up the total tomorrow, he says he’s having a problem with his abacuss, needs a new battery charger or something.

Anyhow, this is just a little bump to keep the post up. I made a post down in the charity thread if anyone wants to take a peek, feel free.

Ticket numbers should be coming out to all those who have entered tomorrow

Thanks again


Oh BTW, its a nice laptop

I’m having some issues getting the emails that should be straightened out later today (after inspections). I should have the numbers out to everyone who has already purchased tickets by tonight. Sorry for the delay.

Thanks to everyone who is supporting this raffle, it is truly a worthy cause that could possibly save a life!!


Emails are going out, if you don’t get your numbers with in the next day time frame PM Blaine or myself.

As asked in the other post about when the raffle drawing will take place
UNOFFICIALLY we have sold 60 tickets so far. Right on schedule and in the same time frame. My data is old and I dont know what’s happened today.

I’m feeling good so I am going to toss in a few more goodies. Like the Tramex, we will offer up second place prize of a Foundation T shirt AND a 12 oz can of medium roast Kona Coffee beans from Trader Joe’s. If you like coffee you’ll love the Kona. The T shirt comes from Queenboro, so the quality high. Third place will be one can of Kona.

Again, thanks to all thats participated and those of you who might be thinking about a new laptop. Come on and take a chance or Michael just might win it all :grin: Also remember we all get old and when we get old things go. The knee’s go, the food tolerance goes, the memory goes and the hearing goes. Heck we might get an application from some one on this board. :razz:


OK! We’re entering the midway point of the raffle. The support has been good so far. Whether you’re in it for supporting those in need or if you’re looking for an awesome laptop, it doesn’t matter. You’re helping us to provide a security blanket for something that we think as an given to those who couldn’t afford the luxury of a basic piece of equipment.

Thanks to all that have purchased a ticket. Spend a little time, take a look at the website, the life that could be saved could be in your neighborhood.

Thanks again


Just an update, we’re past the halfway point. With a couple of more good days we should be able to get the drawing done around the end of the week.

I would like to thank all that have participated so far. Again, those that would like to take an easy chance at winning a super pieced of equipment, here’s your chance and you get to help out too.

Thanks all


Well, we’re 3/4 sold. One very generous person ( I don’t know if he wishes to have his name mentioned) has purchased 40 tickets. Kudos to him!!

How are the laptop raffle ticket sales coming along? Is the drawing in sight? Thanks!

We’re getting there. Somewhere around 20 left.

I need a new laptop, lets get this thing DONE!!!

Only 4 tickets left. Going…Going…




I just bought the last four tickets.

I can’t believe we have 10,000 members and we can’t sell 200 $10 tickets for a good cause!!


One clapping, two praying and one clapping. LOL

That worked well.:roll:

Gone. . .

Give Blaine a day to get the numbers tomorrow and he will let us know when the winning numbers will be pulled. Thanks to all the took a chance your support is greatly appreciated

Only so many member come to the BB

Who got the laptop??


**Drawing time!

Third place winner for a can of Trader Joe’s Kona coffee is**

Ticket # 485373

**Second Place winner of a Foundation T shirt and Coffee is **

Ticket #485290