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I would like to ask everyone’s opinion on the attached photos. Other than the obvious standing water and the brick that was laid wrong, I would like to know how everyone sees this section of foundation. The bricks are not loose but the work is very sloppy and only in this section of the crawl space. The front yard of this home slopes directly into the foundation and we have recently had heavy rains. I have recommended the installation of drainage across the front yard near the house to divert water around. Please let me know your opinions on the foundation. Thanks.

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I never tell anyone how to “fix” things.

Grading and drainage is either negative or neutral adjacent to the residence, and moisture intrusion will remain a possibility. The soil or the hard surfaces should slope away from the residence to a distance of at least six feet, to keep moisture away from the footings. We can elaborate on this issue, but you should seek a second opinion from a geologist or grading and drainage contractor.

Or: There is evidence of moisture intrusion within the residence that we will point out, which should be remediated by a licensed specialist. However, you should also be aware that where moisture goes mold usually follows.

These are narratives written by Keith Swift of Porter Valley software.

From what I see one of them should fit the situation.

I hope this helps.

That said, there is obviously a problem that must be remedied and it needs to be addressed.

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You call this a foundation?

Well, I have seen a few of those, but the pictures don't tell me if this is a full foundation or a crawlspace.

How high is this space and what else is underneath the structure, and what is the composite of the floor framing above that this foundation is holding up?
The remedy can only be evaluated once these questions are answered.

Is this holding up a barn, house, garage or what. Factors of this matter could be detrimental to the structure in various ways, and I am trying to figure it out, but with your input I might be able to add my two cents to your call.

Drainage is very obvious at the sight of the photos and can be very well addressed using boiler plate specifications, but this problem that is existing goes a lot further.

Hope I can help you further, but need more information.


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It looks as if the builder constructed the foundation upside down. Specifically, there are CMUs sitting on top of bricks that are not solid. the CMUs should be the lower part of the wall as they are resistant to degredation by water. The hollow bricks in the picture are not intended to be continually wet as evidenced by the disolved brick material in the surrounding soil. I would simply note the unconventional construction of this part of the foundation in my report and recommend further evaluation by a professional engineer.

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