Foundation Notching

Why cut the joist when you can notch out the foundation wall…???

So how are you going to write this up? :smiley:

I would recommend further evaluation on this one. The joist is sitting on at least 3 inches of concrete but its a corner and is mostly going to be a weak area. Poor workmanship / design.

Looks like they cut out a somewhat square section of the wall for the piping, and then drypacked under the beam/girder. Good move by the plumber … :roll:

As long as the end of the beam/girder doesn’t look field cut (would indicate it wasn’t intended to bear on the edge of the wall), I would at least recommend monitoring the beam support (sometimes the drypack can deteriorate quickly if not done right), and that the joists now sitting on a flatwise 2x4 be adequately supported.

Repair could include possibly even filling the cut out section of concrete with dry-pack or formed concrete … but thats for the contractor/specialist to figure out.

A real CYA could be to call in an SE.

JMO & 2-nickels … :wink:

But, it doesn’t look like a load-bearing part of the beam…what’s the problem??? :shock:

Andrew, which part is not load bearing of this beam? Its supporting joists above.

I think he meant to say it didn’t look like a load bearing part of the wall was cut out. But look above the cut out concrete section and you will see overlapped wood joists that now only sit on a 2x4 flatwise plate … supported by … air? … not good.

Its also not known if the wall was intended to have the steel beam/girder bearing right at the edge of that wall (sometimes ya want more bearing in that situation vs. a beam bearing perpendicular to a wall), and what looks like drypack below the steel beam/girder sometimes fails very quickly.

JMO & 2-nickels … :wink:


Sorry, I was being facetious! Actually, I was being as stupid as whoever did the cutting…:roll:

Looking at the pictures, it appears that the foundation was bulkheaded out at the time of the pour in anticipation of the installation of the beam installation and the plumber said he had to go through first. The top of the wall does not appear to be cut and was poured that way.

I would also bet a bowl full of jelly beans that the beam support was made built up with inexpensive mortar and not Five Star Grout with a bearing plate.
Since some of the joist are not supported, I guess I would call out what I see.

Was this posted under the Plumbing section?

The reason I ask is because of what I see in the background.
I have never seen what appears to be an Extrol tank mounted in that fashion and why is changes from copper to PVC. What will happen when it fills up with water, there does not appear to be any support for it. ?

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