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Hello everyone! On an inspection the other day, I came across this foundation that Got me a little worried. The house has no gutters, built in 1999, it looks like it just washed away a lot of the soil. Theres two reasons why I’m hesitant, one saying the words foundation issue around a buyer or seller and it not being anything, and the grading is away from the house, so there’s no moisture going under the foundation, but I also do know that its designed to be in undisturbed soil… was wondering anyone else’s perspective on this, would you recommend a concrete or foundation specialist, or…? TThanksin advanced!

Nathan, you can recommend anything you think is important e.g. “I recommend gutters and downspouts to maintain the integrity of the foundation soil.”


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I see nothing related to the foundation in your single pic.

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Maybe it is a slab.

I just zoomed in, I see what he means by the back corner. That area needs to be refilled with backfill it looks like.

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@srechkin is right. Back corner is a foundation issue with insufficient repair attempts. Gutters may be the cause of the problem and part of the solution; however that needs repair.


I see a dog and a poorly built patio. The stone and soil on the side of the house may have been where they piled the material when building the home oner built patio. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Adding to Larrys post, “Foundation shows signs of undercutting of the soil supporting the slab foundation. Recommend evaluation & repair by an excavation contractor, and recommend gutters and downspouts be installed.” Refer to the cone of compression if you wish:



I apologize, I should’ve gotten a better picture.

the house is slab on grade, and were in Florida, so heavy rainfall…

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This is not a big issue right now; very fixable and not costly. Not a deal breaker at all, but it should be addressed.



Just wanted to thank everyone for all of the advice and tips! I appreciate all of you taking the time out of your day!

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Good info.

Looks like more of a grading issue than a foundation issue,