I inspected an 85 year old house this week, which was heavily renovated. The roof was new, as was the huge 3 car detached garage. The kitchen and bathrooms were pretty, but the basement was a different story. Needless to say I recommended repair of the foundation, which I just found out will cost $3,500.

I love success stories.

They will run out of money or get a half fast job for a foundation repair for that amount.
Hope they get a breakdown of what is being done for that amount. :slight_smile:

Out of curiosity did you advise your client to also get a structural engineer out there to evaluate the foundation. I agree, the current repair bid seems light though only one photo was posted. They should get a second quote with a detailed scope of work of how and what type of repairs will be done.

I agree with the “way-y-y cheap” opinions. With that being said, and only one limited photo presented, I suspect $3500.00 will get them a beam installed and (in place of) that useless bearing wall demo’d and removed.