Four Point - Foreclosed Homes

Inspected a home last week built 16 years ago, quoted with a wind mit. Got a request from the insurer for a four point. I asked them what they needed the for point for, since the house was under 30 years old. She said they are required on all foreclosures… I balked, then asked her to send me the document from the insurance company requesting the four point… She sent me the Tower Hill Insurance Group FAQs, included below is their Foreclosed Homes requirements, nothing regarding a four point.

Has anyone else had this problem?

It is becoming more common as everyone realizes the value of a Four Point.
Foreclosures especially. Have done them on occasion for many different reasons.

Not a problem.

I’ll take the extra 125 to 150 any time they want to give it to me. I do not care what they want it for.

Yep most all companies sans Citizens want them. I’m taking the pics for them on all inspections just in case.

These are ok to do, kind of like some of the HUD work. I just downloaded all the stuff I need to get the Internachi certification for 4 point inspections. Another feather in my cap to make me more marketable.

We do them everyday.

Yep - Pretty common in my area as the banks want to make sure that the homes have not been vandalized (ie Copper stripped from A/C units) or other common problems with homes that have been sitting for long periods of time without the power (ie plumbing issues)

I stopped telling my clients they didn’t need a 4 point if the home was a newer home as I once did. Instead, I have them check with their Agent. As some have said, I’ve been asked to do them even on 5 or 6 year old homes for some of the reasons mentioned here such as foreclosures etc…


Even if you inspect a new home you may end up doing a Four Point for State Farm. I always try to find out before hand what insurance co they have an eyeball on an let them know State Farm is a whole new ballgame and charge accordingly.

This sounds like good filler work. I like a quick inspection.
On my feasibilities I check plumbing, electric, HVAC and the roof, I may also note missing screens, handrails and other safety or health items. I can do a home in under 30 minutes as I don’t remove covers. $200 a pop for those.

I am looking forward to getting my 4 point cert from Internachi.

Same here Bert.
It is why I redesigned my software to automatically insert the required pictures, which are part of my standard inspection report anyway. :wink:

Paul you do not need anything to do 4 points and I sure recommend NOT using the NACHI form.

Thanks for the advice Michael.

I hadn’t looked at the Internachi 4 point form.

On getting the certifcation from Internachi I need 2 of the online courses and figure the education is good to have, so why not?

Is there a form yyou recommend?
I use Report Host and like it so far.

Yes I would recommend you make up your own similar to the one on my home inspection website. A TRADITIONAL 4 POINT :slight_smile: not mini-home inspection. I would add year updated whenever possible and take photos of everything you look at. Less is more for your clients "the ones paying the bill’ If the insurance companies paid the bill I would look out for them. I keep my 4 points the bare minimum unless for citizens then I use their form and charge $125 with mit and $150 alone. Most times I even try to get $150 with a mit :slight_smile:

What ever reporting software you are comfortable with Paul, use it.

Here, there are several different forms and almost every carrier has their own. You would have to design your form to fit their parameters. It is why I use the Citizens form. When set up properly, it takes no extra time when doing a home inspection to fill out. Which gives me an advantage as I don’t charge for a four-point when done with a home inspection.

Almost every insurance company here accepts the Citizens form. I am incorporating the State Farm form in to another template now, in the event that theirs becomes the recognized standard.

I always charge for them. Why the f…not they have to have it and you got it.

Sometimes the bear gets you sometimes you get the bear.


Because, as I said earlier, it is already done. When you do the prep-work I do prior to doing the inspection, it is very easy to do the inspections. When you have proper software, it makes it even easier.

For those that are just starting out doing Four Point inspections------This is what you should do in addition to the basics as shown on Nachi Form (or other) - This will keep your reports from getting kicked back.

Pictures Pictures Pictures
Front - right - left & rear elevations
A/C Compressor & Manufacturers Label
Heater / AHU & Manufcturers Label
At least 2 pics of each roof type - This way the 4 Pt also serves as a Citizens roof cert
Plumbing - Overall bath, under cabinet plumbing, shower/tub. toilet water connection valve, washer valves & hoses, Kitchen sink & under cab plumbing, water heater & manuf label, TPR & water shutoff valves
Electrical - Ground, breaker panel with cover on, panel with cover off, up close pics of each breaker side, Load center label, main breaker showing amps. GFCI breaker pic in panel or other location.

A statement saying “All wiring is Copper” (if that is the case)
A statement explaining that the aluminum strand running to Hot water, Range or A/c is ok and poses no hazard (this is usually the case), note any double taps (and faulty wiring)
Life expectancy of Roof - Electrical - Plumbing & A/C
Note any Polybutylene piping

My 4 Points have about 30-35 pictures and takes about 20 minutes in the field - The more pictures you can show of a well maintained house the less the underwriters second guess what might exist.

State Farm sometimes requires that their form be used - A real pain

Mike isn’t going to like this! :slight_smile:

Mine is usually a minimum of 16 pictures, the required ones by Citizens and Tower Hill.

I have never had to answer call from an underwriter… This covers all the different requirements and usually satisfies even State Farm. It really doesn’t take any longer to do.