four point?

So I see there are a few different four point forms, citizens,tower,nachi. I understand if your doing a citizens use there form. But what about every other insurance firm. Without having to call there office to learn what the accept is there a good general rule of thumb on which form to use? Thanks

I have always used my own. We have only used the State Farm form once.

I use my own very simple TRADITIONAL 4 point form for all but Citizens and never have had a problem. I would never consider a Nachi 4 poiunt as it is a ridiculious mini home inspection actually WORSE than the current citizens 4 point. A good rule of thumb is that all will accept citizens and if you are smart you can sell that point and get more for it. example my standard 4 point is $100 but citizens will likely not accept. A cit is normally $15o and all will accept. Kind of like if you owed me$5 would I accept $50 if you offered. Of course. You can use that to sell a higher priced 4 point to clients that are shopping around. It also gives those not using cit a way to save a buck. NEVER bundle as you are doing separate inspections why lose money. If no one did it we would all make more money :slight_smile:

Just my opinions I am sure few will agree with. Options, Options, Options Folks love to decide on their own what to get.

I use the NACHI one and have never had a problem.

Yeah why in the hell would you but I bet some of your clients have a problem with the results. No offense intended to you as you cannot control what the ins company does but turning in that to an ins company is like giving someone $50 you owe $5 to. It is just crazy. No good can come for you client from a super big super detailed 4 point…None. Well I guess it could keep him out of a house he wants but is no good for him because he cannot get insurance.

It would make a nice report for a smart real estate person to pay you to do for the client under the guise of getting all his ducks in a row to insure he can get insurance and hey if the 4 point is good then that should be good enough why buy a regular inspection right :roll:


I have a serious question, without any disrespect, how can you speak as an authority on a subject when you hardly do them? From my perspective: You claim to understand the insurance inspection business but refuse to discuss it with insurance agents. You claim to hate home inspections and four points and rarely do them but claim to fully understand the process. I am trying to understand your point of view.

On the other hand we have an ongoing relationship with agents and underwriters. We are in contact through the whole process and know when something is going wrong, we know before it happens. We have actually done more than twenty thousand inspections, but I do not understand your perspective. I am putting together some additional classes and would like to understand your points of view.

I use the Citizens form, which I have modified similar to their roof form.

Here is the original:

Hey John,

The classes you mention, are they for your guys or for anyone who wants to enroll?

We are doing them in Orlando at the conference.

Scroll to Thursday.


Booked up this week but will subscribe for updates and will make the next one hopefully.

I do normally a couple of 4 points a week for customers that order wind mits. I sure as hell do not do a wind mit and 4 point for $125 or less like a great many do. That is why I do not do many. I never have any problems with them based on the fact that I never have gotten a complaint from a client or insurance company . Clients do ask oh my what do I do not that they tell me they will not insure me and I respond fix the issues.

My traditional 4 point which is based on what I received from a state farm agent when I started doing them always works for all companies BUT i do not even try with citizens because they have came up with their own form. No complaints with that either from anyone. The Nachi for is friggin crazy and I am sure all would accept it but why do more than necessary when that most likely COULD harm your client.

Did I clear up that for you and I am not being sarcastic when I ask?

Yes but if you do not use another form how do you know it causes problems?


He says he has no problems, yet has to get paid cash up front. :mrgreen:

When the insurance companies start demanding the home inspection report, and that differs greatly from the four point in the areas questioned, the proverbial crap will hit the fan. I hope some are not standing in front of said fan!


I know that the more problems one has listed the more the insurance company will make them fix or not insure. Is that not true.


I get paid upon arrival so I never get screwed anymore for any reasons. I cannot afford to not get paid for any reason if I show up.

Example tomorrow a guy wants me to show up and check out the wind mit he is doing on the house he lives in but his son owns. claims to be a inspector, g.c. etc. I tried 6 ways from Sunday to talk him out of it as it likely will not be right based on the fact he has never done one. He even thought and likely still thinks he has SWR but it is on top of the felt. I explained all I could and yet he still wants me to come and look at what he has done and he will sign it. I finally agreed and even said I would try to teach him a little. No if I do not get paid upon arrival their could be a very good chance he gets pissed when he finds out and I explain what all is wrong and why and many out their then feel I did nothing and may not want to pay.

I get paid to show up. They have an issue sorry.


What about when the home inspection is beyond soft and a client buys a home based on it then he cannot get insurance because the 4 point sucks?

I ran into that the other day on a walk and talk. My observations and comments were way, way different from the big fat fluf inspection left there for all to look at.

I even reviewed it off the clock for my client to tell him the differences :slight_smile:

The insurance companies should pay for all the inspections they require.

That would definitely hurt my biz but that is the way it should be.

I also believe against likely all here that it is crazy to sign a contract BEFORE having an inspection. Makes no sense to me.

Kind of like saying hey I’ll sell you this bag of gold for $1000 well sign a contract then we will weigh it out as long as it is not bent or damaged hey you agreed to it. Who the heck can tell a value of a home to negotiate and sign a contract before knowing the facts of the home.

That is simply not true. They either want/need to know or it does not matter. If they need to know, they they will send someone back if you do not provide the info. The pictures usually tell the agent more info and they work around it. They either have it fixed or write with another company. That is much better then having a cancellation because you hid the trampoline, diving board and man eating dog.

If the roof needs to be replaced, it needs to be replaced, if it leaks, it leaks. If there is unsafe electrical, then there is unsafe electrical. Much better to be upfront then have it bit you in the *** later. Decisions can be made and prepare for the consequences. For the inspector and the owner.

A traditional 4 point is better for the client than the new c r a p out their Sorry if you cannot see it. It is obvious where most of your clients referrals come from. nothing wrong with it but you know where your bread is buttered for sure :slight_smile:

I just feel the ones referring the clients to you should also be paying you.

So you believe an Agent is working for the insurance company, not the client? Having an agent is much different from having an underwriter/company.

You might consider re-reading my previous post and understand, that just because something is not in a four point, it does not mean that the “company” will not find out. Now consider, if the policy is cancelled, that may cause other problems with getting insurance, including higher prices and being ineligible.

I do not believe you understand where most of my business comes from, either. Much of it is repeat business and there is huge referral base.

I think that there should be a way to pay for inspections with the premium.

I think those who are taking the risk and are concerned for their biz should pay for their own research.

If you buy a car and want to hire a mechanic to check it out does the seller pay the guy for you?


Your investment you pay.

The ins companies are taking the risks “TO MAKE A HUGE PROFIT” therefore they should pay to determine what they are.

They will…and already do.
DMI ring a bell?

The four-point should have been done first.