Four point roof condition

Doing a Four point in Maryland and wondering what criteria you FL folks use when checking satisfactory vs unsatisfactory for the roof condition. This 3-tab was 26 years old, had granule loss and some cracking but appeared to be doing its job. It’s old and showing symptoms of it’s age but I don’t want to mark it unsatisfactory for that. Looking for some criteria help. TIA

It’s up to you if you believe the covering is or is not deteriorated enough to state satisfactory or not.
Down here they ask for remaining useful life (years) also.
If they see less than four years might not want to insure it.

When I state life left, I always answer, for instance, 7 years estimated.
The estimated part is added by me 'cause I do not want anyone to later think I definitely gave it whatever number of years was somehow warranted. :cowboy_hat_face:


Gotcha. I look at it as satisfactory because its condition is in line with its age. But I chose not to walk on it thinking I would potentially damage it and didn’t want to explain to someone their future project is now immediate :smirk: I will add estimated to the useful life statement thanks.

This townhouse was only 26 years so I was surprised to be asked for this in MD AND for less than 30 years of age. Maybe four points are coming our way up here!

Here in Florida the inspector is required to determine the expected service life, most insurance companies won’t write a policy with less than four years of expected service life.

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Well I am certainly not gonna claim this roof will last five and beyond haha. So they won’t issue the policy at all not just exclude the roof from coverage?

Parroted what I already stated.
Call me tomorrow if you wish. I’ll share my “options” with you.

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The purpose of a Four Point Inspection is to qualify for the privilege of purchasing homeowners insurance, can’t pass a Four Point Inspection then you can’t buy insurance.