life expectancy of roof for four point inspection

I know that guessing the life expectancy of the roof is out of our SOP but they ask for that on the four point inspection form. How do I fill that out with out opening myself up to lawsuits?

This is for Florida.

Thank you for this information! Does anyone one know how to word this on an inspection form? And do you just take the year of the roof install and subtract that from the average life expectancy on this list?

Come on now. You were given the information you asked for.
Now you want someone to write the report for you?

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Yes! There isn’t any wording on the form I use. I just estimate how old it is and based on the condition I give it a remaining useful life.
I use the Tower Hill form . I think it is better than all the rest.

Call me if you want and additional info…OK?
I’ll make it easy for you.

Thank you for all your help!

I don’t use the NACHI useful life chart for roofs. IMO, it is wildly conservative for normal roof coverings in Florida, and dead wrong for tile roofs. If you feel the need to limit your liability then use it, but you are not doing your clients any favors. 80 years for a concrete tile roof is not going to happen. Tile may last that long, but the actual roofing underneath it won’t. Shingle and mod bit roofs will last a lot longer than that chart says, under normal conditions.