4 Point - Roof

Just curious how my fellow Florida Inspectors fill out the 4 point/roof cert about this roof as it pertains to the Citizens 4 Point. What would you say about this roof? Your comments are appreciated.






Definitely has less than 5 years of life remaining. Multiple layers were noted and some edges of shingles were starting to peel back. The insurance company is mostly likely not going to issue the insurance until that roof is replaced. From the look of the pictures I would give 1-2 years remaining. Hard to tell from the pics

Looking at that it looks like more than two layers. Not allowed under the FBC. Probably home owner install trying to get more life out of his house. I would give it 0 years of life

I agree, if it is not leaking it will be soon. I would state it has 2 layers and has less than 3 years remaining life

Thank you folks. You reflect what I put in my report, just wanted a little confirmation. It looks like 4 layers of shingles to me. Either way I think it needs to be replaced, I put 1-2 years on 4 point.

Sometimes I worry I am too cautious. The customer and realtor with this report are freaking out cause they cant get insurance, telling me their roofer thinks Im crazy and he thinks roof is fine. :shock:

Have the roofer do the 4-point.

HA! Exactly what I told her. Lol

Great minds really do think alike.

Roofers are aloud to do roof certs. Then when the insurance company won’t pay for a new roof the roofer can put a new one on pro - bono

I see two layers, and the last layer most likely was not nailed with long enough nails (popped up already). Notice the tenting at each nail location. The starter strip is also not installed correctly. The shingles do not look that old, however due to the nail popping and slight curling, the insurance company will likely deny coverage for it. I would note the damage, and RUL of <3 yrs.

All Bad for sure. Get paid upon arrival :slight_smile:

Lifting, curling shingles… done.
Less than three years… done.

i have two ?s where can I get the software for wind mitigation and 4 point to use . And where can I look up for windows and doors and shutters to see if they are code. thanks gary or text me at 239-272-5060

First place to look to see if they meet code is at the building department. If they do not have a permit, then they will not meet the code. Once you get the permit, now you have to verify that the right doors and windows have been installed. This involves reading the NOA and matching up the numbers with the glass etching. You also have to verify whether the frame is impact rated or not. Keep in mind that things might not always bee what they look like. PGT made a series 700 window. Some were impact rated and some were not