Four RESPA-compliant holiday gifts you can give agents

Visit for details.

four respa marketing ideas for inspectors

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Do you ever anticipate getting Illinois added to the agent CE approvals?

We applied.

I sent for the Continuing Education cards to give to agents. But when I decided to test them before sending them out, the link did not work. It gave a 404 error message. So I won’t be able to send out those cards after all. Disappointing

Forwarding to Ben and Tim to fix. What state are you in?

I’m adding Jesse to this conversation. Jesse, could you send me the link that’s on the marketing cards? I can double-check it.


The link works for me:



Hi, James. I see you’re in Colorado. Visit, choose CO from the dropdown menu. And that should take you to the RE CE course page, which is this page.

Hi James,

The link seems to work for us. What is the link you tried that isn’t working?



Looks like the link is working today. Thanks! Must have just been temporarily down.