Real estate agents in Florida get FREE CE from their local InterNACHI inspector

Real estate agents in Florida can now acquire FREE Continuing Education credits online by contacting their local InterNACHI inspector.

I think Russell Hensel just lost another bet.

Russell, I refer you to post #59 of this thread:

Is there a flyer I can give to agents that explains it?

Jorge, I suspect Jessica in our Marketing Department will be chiming in on this thread tomorrow.

This changes things.

Nice move Nick. What was it you’d always say? “Resistance is futile”!


Damnit Scotty!

Who does the money go to this time? What charity?

Send it to Nick Gromicko, 1750 30th Street, Boulder, CO 80301. I’ll then make the donation in my name to

If you have anything I can submit to FAR for the Realtor magazine (I know Dean Asher, current FAR president) I would be glad to do so. He was president of Orange county when I was president-elect of Osceola county. We traveled to the same NAR/FAR functions for 2-3 years. He was also our district vp when I was president. Might be a good way to get NACHI in front of Realtors.

I’ll be making cards for Florida just like I did for Colorado:

Will they have our business info on them? so they know we had a hand in saving them money.
You made my brochures and cards so you have all my info.
Sounds like a good foot in the door.



That’s what I just said.

I cannot imagine you supporting terrorists. Did I mis-interpret?

Terrorists? Your own government disagrees and has released most of them and cleared 1/2 of those remaining for release.

Too late for those who committed suicide while waiting years.

And even though they are cleared for release, the Marines have refused to release them arguing the Nuremberg defense (only following orders) that Nazi’s tried to use before the world correctly convicted and hung them for crimes against humanity.

Our military purchased many of these people anyway (paid a bounty for them), and many were children as young as age 12 when our U.S. military purchased them. The children were taken by force and kept in that U.S.-operated concentration camp for longer than any American P.O.W. was kept at Hanoi Hilton during the Vietnam war.

The U.S. tortured many of these innocent P.O.W.s as well, prior to clearing them for release.

Many were put in prison for years simply because they were seen wearing a digital watch that some terrorists used. They were given no trial and the Marines prohibited family visitation for more than a decade.

Of the few that were found guilty of killing American soldiers in Pakistan, they did so IN Pakistan. So those aren’t acts of terrorism. Killing an armed invader is an act of patriotism, not terrorism. Everyone should do that if they love their homeland. I know I would if the Pakistan Army invaded Colorado. I’d set up roadside bombs. I’d behead the Pakistani’s with my machete and make videos of it to put on YouTube. I’d do whatever it took to make it painful, expensive and deadly for a foreign army to occupy the United States. I trust you would join me in such a fight.

Anyway, I’m happy to see that nearly all have been found innocent and were finally released but we still have many that the guards refuse to release, even after being cleared for release. Paying bounties for children, taking them from their own countries, refusing to allow their families to visit, torturing them, and keeping them in a concentration camp for many years, even after being cleared for release… dishonors all Americans.

Here is a really good, balanced, Wiki article that cites nearly 300 supporting references:

If, like me, you used to fly one of those P.O.W./M.I.A. black flags… you might want to throw yours away. They’re a bit embarrassing now.

And here is a good article from CNN worth reading as well…


And here’s one more recent as well,