Wow, that was fast. FL real estate agents alreadty getting their CE from InterNACHI.

Soon, all real estate agents in the U.S. will get their continuing education online and for free by contacting their local InterNACHI member.

Hopefully, home inspectors in NY will be able to get their CEUs on line through Nachi and before RE are able to do it.

Awesome Nick

I know this is a large undertaking getting each state set up.
Is there a timeline for when States will be coming available.

So far you have
Who is next?
I am sure anyone following this that thinks it is a good idea wants their state to be next.

We applied to all states and provinces. We’re taking over that entire segment of the market (real estate agent CE) and we’re offering all the courses for free, forever.

I been giving them out, but a few said the 4 wasn’t enough.
I believe they need 12 per year…
One told me they do all 12 for $25 online.
How do I know if any used the ones I gave out ?

We’re applying for more course approvals.

Go here:

That would be great if they could get all they needed at one shot.

I guess the 50 plus I’ve given out haven’t been used as of yet.

All 50 have been used… for their intended purpose that is. The free CE is just icing on the cake. It’s mostly a home inspector marketing tool.

What do you mean ?
The 50 I sent out ?
Yes! It is a good door opener.

Yes. The 50 you sent out are already working. If they also provide some free CE to some agent, I suppose that is fine, but that isn’t the underlying main purpose of them

Just ordered a couple…thanks Nick.