FP Panel

This is an FP Panel I looked at Saturday. Aside from the FP panel and aluminum wiring advisory, I think the Perf board surrounding the panel is a problem. I also didn’t see neutral and ground busses bonded. There is a main cutoff on the outside of the house with a 150 Amp breaker but no bond apparent there. There were no fault indications for polarity on any of the wiring in the house. could the bus bars be mounted directly to the panel and be bonded by the metal panel?

Thanks in advance



This is not the service equipment, therefore, it is wired improperly. The grounds and neutrals should be separated, grounds bonded to the enclosure and neutrals isolated from the enclosure.

So would the single 150 amp breaker near the service entrance in a separate box be considered the be considered the service equipment? and that one should be bonded? Thanks for the feedback.

Yes, Michael the 150A Main Service Disconnect as you stated in the separate box is the main OCPD. The panel you have shown should be of (4) wire nature and a floating neutral terminal bar…as Jeff stated it should not be bonded with the grounding bar…and all neutrals should go to the floating neutral bar…not the same terminal bar as the grounds…to be correct anyway.

Also those multiple neutral’s under the single terminal…well you know the answer to that one…:slight_smile:

Great feedback, very much appreciated!